On the path unwinding

I’ve been thinking today about how things come full circle. It seems as if no matter where you start from, where you go in life, you always end up back at the start of things. It’s kind of like what Charlotte said in E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web”… “we’re born, we die, and in between we live a little.” We come from nothing, we go back to nothing… just a bucket of cells growing and spawning in the beginning and then deteriorating and breaking down into the dirt at the end.

My first crush, first love, first ever interest in a boy came (very early) on in Kindergarden. N Valentine. What a name… that just IS a movie star name. He was the cutest thing ever. He was extremely tall for his age (though I was short for mine), spiked his hair and was hilarious… I think… it was a long time ago. All the other little girls loved him and really I didn’t exist in his sphere of existence. Who could blame him? I’m the kid in our class who is pictured in the yearbook with her face on the table in the cafeteria at lunchtime sniffing the disinfectant.

Yes. That was me. Clearly much hasn’t changed between then and now… the smell of Mr Muscle makes me weak in the knees. But I digress… I was the weird kid.

So how strange is it that my first love, crush, whatever you want to call it was a N? And I wound up marrying a N! Must be some sort of subconscious, subliminal weirdness going on there. And my N? He’s cute, he doesn’t spike his hair, but he is funny! So it’s all okay in the end; I got my N. Full circle, baby.


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