Salivation Sunday

Welcome welcome welcome to the first ever Salivation Sunday–where I list all of the things I’m lusting (or salivating!) over.  And hey, who doesn’t like a tongue in cheek religious pun?

Each Sunday I’ll post five things that have made me salivate this week.  They can be anything from things I actually want to buy all the way up to things I want to accomplish or see.  No rules; just five things I’m jonesing for!

Just to note, N will be doing a nice, sexy little image for me to post each week.  Keep a lookout for that next week.

Making it through Nanowrimo this year.  I know I keep talking about it and bigging it up, but that’s mainly to psyche myself up for it.  Writing a novel is on my bucket list, and I want to be able to tick that one off.  Doesn’t matter if it’s published or even remotely good–I wanna do it.  And I’ve gotta say, the plot and characters that I’ve sussed out in preparation are pretty exciting!

I’m a total bookworm and geek and this gorgeous library just tickles my fancy…. I’d love to be able to go to a place like this, curl up in an oversized, cozy chair and read to my heart’s content.  For more book porn, check out some more gorgeous libraries here.

As I’m sure you’ll come to find out, I also have a (serious) thing for owls.  I’m all over anything “owl” related–jewelry, hats, cookies…. well, you get the idea.

Before you get any weird, perverted ideas, it’s not the baby I’m salivating over but the owl cap.  I swear, I will be subjecting my child to this kind of stuff (when I eventually have one).  Lillian Davila’s Etsy shop is full of totally cute baby caps, and they’re not all owls!  Now all I need is a baby….

Another Etsy related find is this totally cute owl ring:

I mean… come on!  It’s an owl.  On a book.  On a vintage looking ring.  THREE of my favorite things all rolled into one!  If you would like to buy this for me and hear my “geek girl squeal”, check out the Etsy page.

Lastly, and yes, still owl related, are these totally cute and amazing cookies my friend L made in the shape of an owl.

I can’t vouch for the taste (hey, I’m 4,000 miles away and cookies don’t travel so well!) but they look amazing!  L has her own website for her cookies–The Sugar Crane Cookie Company.  She does a little bit of everything including special orders for that special someone… Have a look!  I’m hoping that by pimping her site a bit, L wil treat me to a few samples while I’m home in a few weeks!

Well that’s it for this week’s Salivation Sunday!  What are you guys lusting over?  What’s tickled your pickle this week?



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