Spin Away

Remember a while back I mentioned that I might be doing a product review here or there via Fuelmyblog in exchange for *hopefully* more traffic for my blog?  Well, I’m super excited to post my first product review for (dun dun duuuuuuuun) the SpinGym from JML!

The SpinGym, from JML

According to JML (check them out on Facebook) who promote the product here in the UK, the SpinGym is supposed to tone my arms and upper back; give me a fun, quick and easy workout and will do the dinner dishes for me!  Hm.  Just kidding on that last part—oh if only!

JML says “Spin Gym is a unique new exercise trainer that can give your whole upper-body a full resistance workout. Unlike traditional dumbbell and machine weight training, which isolate and target one set of muscles at a time, Spin Gym can simultaneously activate major, stabilising and core muscles all at once. It’s absolutely perfect for toning, strengthening and sculpting your arms, chest, back and shoulders.

Using Spin Gym for just 5 minutes a day is enough to strengthen your arms, and leave them looking and feeling firm and toned. With up to 20 lbs of resistance with each pull, you’ll feel the Spin Gym effect almost instantly. It’s compact and convenient to use almost anywhere, whether you’re at home, at the office or on your travels. And best of all Spin Gym is fun to use – just see how long you can keep the disc spinning.

To give you an idea of what the SpinGym is (if you’ve been living under a rock) check out these videos: 

Now I’ll be perfectly honest; any time I’ve seen this product on tv (late night infomercials rock!) I’ve always scoffed at it.  It looks too simple, too lightweight and frankly too silly and gimmicky to do any good for anything, nevermind my flabby arms!  I mean, it looks like a toy!  

When my SpinGym and accompanying dvds and booklet arrived it was like Christmas.  I was way excited.

And then the string popped out of one of the ends on my second go.  Thankfully I fixed it with a little superglue on the inside of the ring, let it dry and I was good to go!  I’m not sure if it’s a general product flaw or if it was just my unit, but it’s worth mentioning.  I’ve been using it for nearly two months on a daily basis and haven’t had an issue since.

When I first started using the SpinGym, I only did it for about 5 minutes or so.  But those five minutes?  WOW!  It doesn’t look it, but the SpinGym is actually a bit of a workout!  And if you’re going to be sitting around watching tv anyway, you might as well pick up the SpinGym for a bit!

I let a couple of the guys in my office have a go and they both agreed that the SpinGym looks deceiving!  The weight in the centre is quite heavy and the tension from the strings gives you sort of an elastic, rubber band feel allowing you to work your arms easily. 

There’s a booklet with a multitude of exercises ranging from the basic to the, well, more interesting like “the lawnmower”!  Also included are two dvds which are fun, but I’m personally not a dvd kind of person–I prefer to go rogue.  To each their own! 

All in all, the first couple of months with the SpinGym have been positive.  I was a bit disappointed initially with the string popping out but again, a little bit of super glue did the trick and I’ve not had any other issues since.  My arms definitely feel and look more toned and less flabby and I actually do feel stronger in my arms and upper back.  Our of five stars (*****) I give the SpinGym four (****).
What I like about it:
  • It’s very compact and easy to slip in my purse to take wherever I need to. 
  • I like the fact that I can do it here in the office without really raising any eyebrows.
  • It does seem to be toning my upper arms.
What I don’t like about it:
  • The string popped out on my second go.  I did fix it, but even so.
  • If you’re not used to it, your chest will hurt like none other for the first week.
  • The dvd was a bit gimmicky.  But then again so are most workout videos, so I can hardly fault it for following the status quo.  And I’m just not a workout video type person anyway.
Also, I would like to partially credit the SpinGym for my current lifestyle overhaul.  While the SpinGym didn’t force me to go to the gym or go on a diet or stop drinking (frequently), it has been a positive influence.  I feel like I want to be healthier and stronger and more fit and, subsequently, I want to look better.  I have a gym membership now for the first time in years and I’m making smarter choices with my food.  I think the SpinGym was the catalyst that prompted me to take the first step in the journey I’ve embarked on.
I can’t wait to see where it leads me next.

Watch this space!


If you’re interested in getting in touch, tweet me at @stephanie_khani or @londondiaries1.  Alternatively you can email me at emailthelondondiaries [at] gmail.com.

PS:  In a completely unrelated note, yes, I am still currently on hiatus for November as I am competing in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), going to the gym four times a week, working full time (and weird hours), going on holiday for two weeks, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life AND somehow managing to sleep for about six hours tonight.  I’ll be back as normal as soon as the madness has passed.  Check back next week for a mid-month Nanowrimo status report!

One thought on “Spin Away

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