Salivation Sunday – 11 December 2011

You may remember, back before the Nano madness, I started a new Sunday slot called Salivation Sundays!  If you need a reminder on what Salivation Sunday is about, check out the first post here:

Now lets get to some serious lusting!

  • Black lace dresses – Now that I’m starting to lose weight, I’m starting care about how I dress and I’m starting to want to go out places that I need to dress up for. I love this dress and I want it.  Shame I’m still a wee bit too big for it.  Maybe in another 10 lbs I’ll treat myself to something like this and make N take me out.
  • In the spirit of Christmas, I totally want some cute litte gift tags like these:

  • Books, books, books and more books!  My Kindle wishlist is quickly growing a mile long… if anyone wants to give me some Amazon vouchers for Christmas, that’s totally what I’d spend it on!
  • I may be giving up the idea of an D-SLR camera and use my already plentiful John Lewis gift vouchers on this sexy, awesome coffee machine.

I’m loving the timer bit, and the idea of a cup of coffee waiting for me at 6am when the alarm goes off just makes me happy.

What’s everyone else lusting over these days?  Christmas is coming, so you’re bound to be hankerin’ after some goodies!


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2 thoughts on “Salivation Sunday – 11 December 2011

  1. Lovely lace dress! The gift tags are super cute. Are you a crafty person? At first I thought “they look so easy to make!” but now…I’m not so sure 🙂

    1. Actually I used to be quite the crafty lady!!! Now I’m only crafty when I have the time/resources/money. It helps having a craft store less than a 5 minute walk away, but I just never have the time… boooooo….

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