Cake Pops… you’re doin’ em wrong…

For our Thanksgivmas celebration back home in KY, N got a really cool, awesome, yummy kitchen gadget as a gift from my grandparents.  He got the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker and boy did he love it and, let’s be honest here, so did I!!!

The very next day he was cake popping away and making the (now) infamous Sperm Pops (the icing was too runny and ran down the cake pop stick making it look like, well, you get the idea).  He also made some totally delish doughballs which he rolled in butter and sugar and cinnamon.  Amaaaaaazing.

So then he brought it back here to the UK.  The other night he decided to get it out and make some cake balls for J and F’s party last night.  Hm.  Problem number one, no plug adapter.  Fine, easily solved.  I went to Peter Jones (aka heaven) and got a plug adapter.

We got back from the party last night and he pulled out the machine, whipped up some batter he found online and started to make the pops.  The first batch was pretty good, except the batter rose a bit too much.  And then things spiraled downhill from there.

Every single batch burnt to a crisp.

My grandmother, in her infinite wisdom, suggested letting the machine cool off between batches.  Not a horrible idea as that little dude gets totally hot!  So N put it aside to try again tonight.

After dinner he got the machine out and decided to grease it down because he read online that “some people do that.”  The machine started to smoke so bad we had to open all of the windows (mind you, people, it’s freezing cold and raining) just so we could breathe.  He did one test ball.  Burnt to a cinder but liquid on the inside.

Problem number two.  I asked him which recipe he was using from the book.  He said he wasn’t, that it was one from the internet and that it was meant for a deep fat fryer but “that’s not really that different, is it?”  Well smack me in the face with a wet fish.  I just looked at him and managed an “uhhhhh yahhhhh” as a response.

Anyhow, I also told him to check online and see if anyone else had the same problem, or if there was a fault/recall/etc or to see if it just wasn’t going to work over here.

Problem number three.  APPARENTLY you need a voltage converter for things like these… not just a plug adapter.  Basically, in using the cake pop maker without a voltage converter we could have (a) set the kitchen on fire, (b) exploded the machine and killed ourselves or (c) both (a) and (b).  The correct answer, folks, is (c), both options of fire and explosions and death by cake pops.

THIS is why I do all of the desserts, my friends.  Because no one DIES when I make cookies.


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PS:  Here’s hoping prince charming doesn’t try to set me on fire while I’m asleep tonight.  If I go missing, you know who to blame… he’s probably shoved me into a breadmaker or something… with an American voltage level, of course.

PPS:  I’m picking up a voltage converter tomorrow.


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