And what did Santa bring you this year?

Ho ho ho, friends!  Were you all good little boys and girls this year?  Did Santa bring you what you want; or were you naughty and ended up with a bunch of coal under the tree?

I must have been a fairly good gal this year–I made out really nicely on Christmas loot.  I got:

  • Lots of Peter Jones gift vouchers from lots of different people which will all go towards my super-awesome-new-camera purchase in the new year.
  • From N, I got this super sexy, awesome coffee maker.  It’s small which is perfect for our kitchen and it has a cafe-style cup warmer on top.  How cool is that?
  • And also from N, this gorgeous Tiffany’s ring which I have had my beady little eye on for ages, unbeknownst to him, surprisingly!!!  He knows my tastes…

N was definitely a very bad boy this year, but Santa must have had his list swapped around because N got lots of nice Christmas gifts too.

  • He got two Xbox games from me early… Batman Arkham City and Call of Duty 3
  • Cologne from me
  • A way cool, retro popcorn maker (I also got him some ranch flavored popcorn dust and a bag of kernels… all wrapped separately, of course).

  • The 15th Anniversary Box Set of Friends (a gift for both of us, ha ha)

  • But I’m pretty sure his favorite gift of all has been the food processor from his mum.  He used the hell out of it yesterday and is now in withdrawal without anything to chop/blend/process… so much so that whenever he walks into the kitchen he presses the button to give it a whirl.

Sooooo… what did you good little boys and girls get for Christmas?  Anything super nice?   Anything you can’t stop playing with?


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