January 2012 Book Wrap Up … Already!!!

Finished books:  6

  1. Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch
  2. Moon Over Soho – Ben Aaronovitch
  3. The Hungry Ghosts – Anne Berry
  4. Island of Lost Girls – Jennifer McMahon
  5. Before I go to Sleep – SJ Watson
  6. The Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes

Abandoned books:  1

  1. The Elegance of the Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery

Books in progress:  1

  1. Last Man in Tower – Aravind Adiga

Best Book

It’s a three way tie!  I love love love love LOVED  the two Aaronovitch books.  They were hilarious, weird and best of all, set in London.  And there’s a third book coming out in March.  Can’t wait!

Also really enjoyed “Before I go to Sleep.”  Weird book, kind of reminded me of the movie “50 First Dates.”  The main character has a form of amnesia that prevents her from forming any short term memories and has also erased the past 20 years of her memories.  So every morning she wakes up thinking she’s 20-something and single when in fact she’s in her 40’s and married.  But there’s a really weird, creepy, awesome twist!

Worst Book

Without a doubt, the Man Booker winner, “The Sense of an Ending” was the most awful book this month. It was everything I hate in a book — pretentious, patronizing, dull, boring and just plain existential crap.  It.  Was.  Horrible.  The only reason I stuck it out to the end was because of its short length… only 150 pages.  What else did I expect from a Man Booker Winner?


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