Hungry for Hungary

N and I have been watching (and by watching I mean salivating and food perving) the Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation series on BBC one for the last few weeks.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the Hairy Bikers, mostly because I couldn’t understand their very northern accents and also partly because the majority of their food is so fattening and bad for you.

Now that I’ve been here a while, I can actually understand them and they’ve really grown on me… especially this Bakeation series; it’s really interesting seeing the guys cook/bake local staples as well as get a bit of background on the history of the food.

The other night, Dave and Si’s journey took them to Hungary where they made Pogasca (bacon scones) and Gulyas Leves (beef goulash).  The Pogasca make many appearances in Hungarian stories and folklore as the “hero’s food” or as “journey food.”  Goulash is a very traditional stew type soup.  It’s very hearty and full of veggies and meat and is a slow-cooking masterpiece.

N and I fell in love with the idea of both dishes straight away and decided to try them out together as that’s the way they’re meant to be.  With N as my sous chef (or kitchen bitch) I made both dishes to absolute perfection tonight!

Si and Dave cooked theirs over a little fire in the great outdoors, however I had to settle with my gas range.

We put a dollop of sour cream in ours–the recipe suggests it–and N had chopped fresh parsley on his.  I hate parsley, so I passed on that.  And most importantly we paired the meal up with a gorgeous wine–Oyster Bay chardonnay.  Delish!

If you’d like to try your hand at some very yummy goulash or the fabby bacon scones, check out both recipes.

Bacon Scones

Beef Goulash

FYI, I halved both recipes as it’s just N and I dining, but I have a feeling I’ll have to make this for the in-laws soon!

I wish I could find an actual Youtube clip of Si and Dave cooking these, but you’ll have to settle with a clip from the same episode where the guys (while in Belgium) sample some less than conventional chocolate.

Just wanted you guys to get a flavor of my new favorite chef(s)!  Check out their website here.  I may have to put their new book on my Christmas wish list this year.  We have a shelf full of cook books and none of them are mine.  It’d be nice to give Chef N a run for his money.  And, oh!  Excitement!  The Hairy Bikers are doing a show at the Wimbledon Theatre in October.  I see a night out in late October for us!


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3 thoughts on “Hungry for Hungary

  1. Great job! I am from Hunagry and saw the episode of Hairy bikers on our country and I am just about to prepare the scones. However, if you are interested, I can share the original gulasch soup recipe with you. I can imagine that this recipe also works well but it is nowhere near the way we cook it here at home. 🙂
    Thank you for shaing the receipe for the scones – we have numerous versions but this is something I never tried.

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