Self Lovin’ Day 1

The thing(s) I love most about me today are my two tattoos.

I got this one on the back of my left shoulder a few months after turning 18 and a few weeks short of the end of my first year in college.  For me it symbolises my independence and my desire to aim for things far beyond my reach.  It was my first year away from home and a year of many other firsts.  I plan on adding to it over time with each life milestone–I owe myself three stars now.  One for graduating college, one for getting married and one for moving to London.

This is my newest tattoo–Oscar the owl.  He’s a curious little fella, and he reminds me to keep asking questions, to keep looking at things from different perspectives.  It’s also, in a way, a tribute to my Memom who shares my love for owls.

These two tattoos are by no means the only ones I’ll ever have.  I love them both and I plan on getting one or two more in the next few years.

What are you loving about yourself today?


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