Self Lovin Day 3 and 4

I realise I owe two things that I love about myself, as I was out/busy until really late yesterday so I’m going to deliver!

I like my hands and I like my heart.

My hands are pretty small but they dress up nicely with rings/bracelets and a little nail polish. This week I’m sporting a really nice, unconventional deep navy (almost black) blue polish which looks really sophisticated. Plus it matches pretty much everything I wear! I keep my nails filed and trimmed and my skin moisturized, so my hands look (and feel!) pretty nice these days!

The other thing I love about me is my heart… in the physical sense. I mean, I’m an awesome person and all and I’m really empathetic, nice etc and have a good heart but actually my physical heart is pretty bad ass. Did you know:

  • Today, your heart will pump around 1,480 gallons (5,594 liters) of blood
  • In your lifetime, your heart will pump 1.2 million barrels of blood (that’s the equivalent of 3 supertankers)
  • Your body contains about 2 gallons (8 liters) of blood
  • This blood circulates through your body 3 times a minute
  • Your blood travels around 11,628 miles a day (18,709 km) (roughly halfway around the circumference of the earth)
  • If you make a fist with your hand, your heart is about this size (A whale’s heart is roughly 400 times this size)
  • Your entire cardiovascular system, if laid from end to end, is over 43,605 miles (70,160 km) long (that’s long enough to wrap around the world more than twice)
  • Your heart beats approximately 100,921 times a day (by the time you die, your heart will have beat more than 2.5 billion times)

That’s what my little nugget gets up to every day. Pretty spectacular, don’t you think??!!


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