The Torch Comes to Tooting

Yesterday the Olympic Torch Relay visited Tooting, my area of London, and N and I were lucky enough to have tickets to the evening celebration in Tooting Common.  Never mind that I had to stand outside in the rain for nearly two hours the week before to get the tickets which were, thankfully, free.  And never mind how insanely stupid the traffic is already ahead of Friday’s Opening Ceremony.  I for one am really excited about the Olympics and yesterday’s celebration only fueled that excitement futher.

The event was absolutely fantastic.  From the atmosphere to the brilliant weather the celebration was amazing.  The common was packed with around 4,000 people but honestly didn’t feel chaotic as big events can feel.

Coca-Cola were there in full force (they’re one of the sponsors, of course) handing out free Cokes and noisemakers.  Other vendors were there giving out free bits as well, most notably Nature Valley (yum yum!).

The performance line-up was varied and very cool.  Twist and Pulse from Britain’s Got Talent did a half hour set; I’d never heard of them but clearly most of the crowd had from the reception they received!

Lloyds TSB (also a sponsor) brought along some circus performers who were easily one of my favourites!

Rizzle Kicks were up next and did a crazy 20 minute set.  I love Rizzle Kicks and so did N (and everyone else).  The crowd went absolutely crazy for the guys.  It was pretty amazing.

Finally the moment for the flame’s entrance arrived.  The Torch Bearer last night was none other than THE Tim Henman (y’know, the tennis star?  As in Henman Hill at Wimbledon?)

How cool is that?

N and I had an absolute blast (and got sun on one side of our faces).  We’re really looking forward to this Sunday when we have tickets for women’s and men’s beach volleyball.  So if you’re watching the Games online or on tv and you know what we look like, keep an eye out for us! N, as I’m sure you can imagine, is very excited.


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