Apparently I missed a memo somewhere….

N and I went out to our usual spot for cocktails last night and I was mourning the loss of my “baby girl name” (see below) when he came out with probably one of the weirdest things yet:

N:  Oh!  I have a good name for a baby boy… or a dog!

Me:  (gulping my amaretto sour) Umm… I’m pretty sure a baby name that’s interchangeable with a dog’s name is probably not a safe bet.

N:  No, no.  Hear me out.

Me:  (thinking to myself) Oh Christ, here we go.

N:  Archie.  (grins in self satisfaction and waits for me to stand up, applaud his genius and buy another round)

Me:  Archie?

N:  Archie.

Me:  (Sigh)

For the record, I’m totally not pregnant.  Would I be drinking cocktails if I were?!  Honestly!  Still, I like playing around with potential names, though N enjoys it more!

That being said, I’m starting to get a lot of “baby pressure” right now.  I’m so not ready for kids.  Besides, I need some time to think up a name for a baby girl now that mine’s been stolen by Taylor Hanson (of Mmmbop fame).  He named his 5th (that’s just greedy!) child Wilhelmina Jane.  Damn him.  Wilhelmina was mine (despite N hating it).  Ugh.  I just can’t have a cool name for my potential future baby that’s already taken by a psuedo-celeb (and one I like at that).  Boo.


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PS – I promise I will get to a run-down of the triathlon and the holiday soon!


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