Why do we keep having these conversations??

So in the last 24 hours, in addition to Friday’s conversation about children/dog names, we’ve had two more “holy-hell-did-he-just-really-say-that” conversations.  Or maybe not conversations, maybe it’s more like words coming out of his mouth and me just sputtering and all flabbergasted.  Whatever.

So last night, while flipping through the tivo guide and looking for trashy reality shows/documentaries, which I totally hate (not), I happened across a little gem on National Geographic called “Feral Children.”

Me:  Oh!  “Feral Children!”  Why haven’t I heard of this??!!  (reading the synopsis) Tales of children being reared by wild animals aren’t just fiction.  Yes!!  (switching over the channel, I find that “It’s Me or the Dog” is just going off)  Boo.  Few more minutes.

N:  (Looking up at the sound of the dog barking)  That’s that dog trainer chick.  (pauses)  Holy shit!  The kid barks??!!

Me:  Um.. this is the end of “It’s Me or the Dog.”

N:  Ohhhhhh.

And then this morning, we were watching trailers for upcoming movies and I noticed a new trailer for “Wuthering Heights.”

Me:  “Wuthering Heights”?  Really?  Can you click on that so I can see who’s in it?

N:  (clicking over) Hmmm… It’s got some chick called Emily Bronte in it.  No clue who that is.

Me:  (sigh)

N:  What?

Me:  Emily Bronte?  Really?

N:  What??

Me:  She wrote “Wuthering Heights”.

N:  Huh.

Sunday’s not over yet… I’m sure there’s more to come.


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