Just another day in paradise…

I’m finally getting around to writing a post I’m sure you’re all dying to read… a review of our holiday last month!  And if you’re not dying to read about it it’s only because you’re jealous.

This was the view from our balcony. It’s no wonder I’ve been bummed since coming back to Tooting!

This was my second time staying at Riu Palace Tres Islas and my husband’s billionth (he’s been going with his family since he was a child) and neither of us were disappointed.

Not much has changed with the hotel since our last visit three years ago.  The building is still gorgeous and airy (even though it’s so hot on the island!), the food is still amazing and the service is beyond the best.

The hotel itself is beautiful with its open terraces; bar plonked in the middle of the pool and beautiful views from the rooms but even more stunning are the beaches on either side. The water is crystal blue and the sand is clean and white. Absolutely gorgeous! The hubs and I spent a lot of early mornings just walking up and down the beach taking in the sights.  There aren’t much in the way of shells but if you have a sharp eye and a quick hand, you can pick up little tiny, near perfect shells along the shoreline.  Be careful, the waves will whisk them away!

The level of service from the staff is second to none–they know what you want before you even know you want it. Even though my husband and I had gone to Fuerteventura as a belated holiday, when my birthday came along the housekeepers left chocolates, a card, towels folded as swans and a bottle of champagne on ice (from reception) to wish me happy birthday. Fantastic!  There was one slight mixup with our reservation with our booking for Krystal, the fusion restaurant downstairs—I had booked it for my birthday and instead the booking was put down for the evening after.  It could be my lack in perfect Spanish (I’m still learning!) but that really was the only hitch.  The maître d was very apologetic and paid for our drinks for the evening which was a lovely touch.  We even managed to get a recipe off of one of the chefs for a beef stroganoff that we found particularly tasty!

Ahhh, that brings us to one of my favourite parts… the food.  Now, I didn’t get any photos of the food.  Why?  Well, it’s a 5-star hotel.  I’m pretty sure I would have been chucked out as riff-raff for taking photos of the food.  Er, I didn’t see anyone else doing it at least.  Let me assure you, the food was positively gourmet.  There were loads of cheeses, veggies and a full salad bar on offer but best of all was the seafood.  Oh.  My.  God.  I’m not a huge seafood lover or a very adventurous foodie however I thought, ‘hey, I’m on holiday.  Why not?’  I had salmon, I had John Dory, I had eel, I had squid, octopus, sea bass, sword fish and loads more.  It was all beyond delicious, well, except for the eel which I wasn’t too keen on.

I’ll admit I drank a lot too…


The cocktails were a bit sweet and overpriced for me.  They weren’t horrible, they just weren’t to my liking.  I did like the margarita maracuya and that became my go-to drink for most of the trip.  I did also discover Cruzcampo beer with a side of olives… I’ll never go back to Michelob, that’s for sure!  Or maybe I will, all depends on the circumstances.

Riu Tres Islas has everything you could possibly want on site (or in the supermercado down the street) and we didn’t bother to venture outside of the resort area. Why would you want to?  The only real thing we found lacking was a mini-pharmacy or something of the sort.  There’s a mini-shop in the reception area which sells a bit of everything so when N got his cold (of course) we went there first for pain relief stuff.  Apparently in Spain you can only buy painkillers/medicine from a pharmacy and the nearest one is about 10 minutes away by taxi.  The lady who ran the small shop was actually quite kind and gave N a few of her own painkillers from her purse.  That just goes to show how brilliant the people at the hotel are!

So will we go back?  I don’t even need to think about that—yes!  We will definitely be going back.  Corralejo and Riu Tres Islas was the perfect place for us to unwind, chill out, read loads of good books and reconnect with each other as a couple.  We talked and planned more on that trip than I think we have in the last year and it was definitely nice.  I’m sad to be back in London, back in the grind of things and freezing but I guess in the grand scheme of things it makes you thankful for the time you had away and you start looking forward to the next trip.

Speaking of trips, the next trip is home for Christmas… after we sell our kidneys and left legs on the black market to pay for the tickets!


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