A special kind of hell…

Jetlag.  Oh my freaking hell-balls how I hate it.  My body clock is beyond screwed up right now and I feel (and look) pretty much zombified.

Normally I take an extra day (or two) off from work just to recover and get back on track (all whilst watching crappy tv and weeping into a roll of toilet paper because we’re too cheap to buy actual tissues).  Did I do that this time?  Nope.  Went back to work the morning after flying in.


Now I feel like I’m on a serious hangover without all of the fun beforehand.  The sleeping pills don’t work and by like, midnight, my body is all “wah-hey-o, let’s get up and get dancin'”… or something asinine like that.  Bastard.

And what am I doing in an hour or so?  Going back to the gym for the first time in months.



Ah, enough bitching.  Hopefully it’ll tire me out and I’ll get my first real night’s sleep since last Thursday.

Man… I should save my spelling/typing mistakes just from this entry alone… sheer comedic gold!

So tired.

Anyone have any remedies for severe jet lag?


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One thought on “A special kind of hell…

  1. melatonin at night and vitamin b-6 in the morning and at lunch to get through the day…Not one day of jet lag to or from when I went to Egypt with my Mom

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