The big ( only surprising if you’ve been under a rock) reveal!

Things around here are changing, friends.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a dramatic frequency in posts lately and more buzz around TLD. Readership has increased from family/friends/casual acquaintances to loads and loads of total strangers plus all of the former. I’m really excited by this… excited that my little blog which started off as just a way for family and friends back home to keep tabs on me is taking off ever so slightly. I’ve got a few surprises and projects lined up in the next few months which (hopefully) will blow your socks off: interviews, giveaways and the like.

As such, I think it’s time to officially “own” my blog. I’m dropping the veil of anonymity and am no longer S but Stephanie. If you’ve been paying attention, you shouldn’t be surprised and should have put it all together yourself! The amount of times I’ve spammed you all with requests for donations to various charities via my JustGiving pages with my name on it should have been enough of an indicator alone, but never mind!

So that’s me.

My using letters for the names of family members and friends will not change; just because I’m no longer anonymous doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be or that they don’t want to be. I’m sure they do.

I still won’t talk about work or tell you who/where I work for… that’s non-negotiable and very important for me.

The look and feel of TLD may be changing soon as I’m contemplating a redesign (with N’s help, he just doesn’t know it yet) and potentially paying for my space here on WordPress which should make things a bit nicer. There’ll be some organisational restructuring going on over the next month or so which will make TLD easier to navigate and find particular types of entries (book reviews, recipes, etc).

Things here at TLD are very organic at this stage… and I’m extremely open to suggestions so please let me know what you want to see here on TLD in the comments section!


If you’re interested in getting in touch, tweet me at @stephanie_khani or @londondiaries1.  Alternatively you can email me at emailthelondondiaries [at]


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