A Eulogy

Dear friends,

Tonight, N and I have lost someone very near and dear to our hearts… our oven.

Though temperamental, I loved our oven.  True, it took ages to pre-heat and, towards the end of its life it took increasingly longer, but it was still our oven.  Like with people, you can overlook the faults in the things you love the most.

I did my first ever Thanksgiving in that oven (solo, I might add).

One turkey, broccoli casserole and batch of dark chocolate, raspberry filled cupcakes later...
One turkey, broccoli casserole and batch of dark chocolate, raspberry filled cupcakes later…

I baked countless cookies and cakes in that oven… nutella cupcakes for J’s baby shower, banana blueberry oatmeal bake, ginger sponge cake, oatmeal chai raisin cookies and bacon scones to name a few.

Banana and blueberry oatmeal bakeGinger sponge cake

I’ve baked cakes for N’s birthdays, made pies for BBQs at my mum-in-law’s and even made sweet treats just for my office-mates.

How I can I begin to put into words what I’ve lost?

I can’t.  I feel like we’ve lost a family member… or limb or vital organ at least.

All of those baked sweet potatoes with cottage cheese?  No more.  Roasted peppers?  Gone.  Sunday roasts?  Forget about those too.

Goodbye, dear oven.  I shall miss you and all of the yummy things we made in you, though my waistline might not agree.

Alas, poor friend...
Alas, poor friend…

And now the wait begins in tears for a replacement.


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3 thoughts on “A Eulogy

  1. Mate, I feel your pain. Our oven gave up…sorry, this is hard…gave up on 21st December. It’s like it just wanted to help me and Matt pig out one more time for our birthdays, you know? I just wish he’d had one last Christmas. I’d like to think they’ll get to know each other, your oven and mine, up in that giant kitchen in the sky.

    1. I’m wiping away tears as we speak, Nithya. I hope they’re frolicking together and baking cakes that only their wildest dreams could have ever imagined. *sigh*

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