And Then There’s This (AT3) – Holy Mary, Mother of Crisps

In the interest of having some regularity on this here blog, I’m starting up a new weekly post for Sundays… a wrap-up of sorts.  I’m calling it And Then There’s This (AT3, because I’m all about abbreviations).  Each Sunday AT3 will feature a weird/wacky/thought-provoking story from the British media that my USA counterparts may not have picked up on.  There may be a bit of debating (with myself, mostly) and even occasionally a poll–let’s get crazy, yeah?

In short, I hope AT3 will make you laugh, make you cry, make you outraged… whatever the hell!  And by all means, leave me messages in the comments–I wanna know your opinions on the stories!

Photo courtesy of The Times
Photo courtesy of The Times.  Please click on the photo to link to their article (subscribers only).

First up this week, we’ve got a corker.

Pret a Manger, a chain of sandwich shops here in the UK (and elsewhere), debuted a new flavour of crisps to add to their collection last week.  The Virgin Mary crisps (pictured) were meant to taste like a non-alcoholic version of, you guessed it, a Bloody Mary.

As you might expect, the Catholics raised hell (ha, see what I did there?) and the crisps have now been pulled from Pret’s shelves with the CEO apologising to anyone offended.

Fair enough.  Pret wouldn’t come up an Allah or Buddha based product because they’d have their asses handed to them, so there’s no reason the Catholics deserve to be made fun of.  You can see the full article and details here on the BBC News site.

Actually, go read the full article now and revel in the hilarity that is the line:

“It seems fitting that Pret A Manger are planning to give any unsold crisps to the homeless.” (Reverend Nick Donnelly, deacon of the Diocese of Lancaster)

Ok.  Maybe it’s not totally hilarious that Pret are donating a boatload of inappropriately named crisps to the homeless… it’s a nice thing.  BUT.  I can just see some Pret employee near where I work popping out with a boxful of crisps and handing them to the guy who’s always camped out a few doors down.  I know, I know, they’ll be giving them to shelters but still.  It just seems… off, what with the government prattling on about obesity etc.  And what if the homeless have religious qualms as well?

Maybe it’s just me.  I suppose in the scheme of things it could always be worse… they could have called the crisps “Bloody Virgin”.

Oh yes, I went there.

Anyhow, what do you think of the Virgin Mary crisp debacle?  Wrong?  Bad taste?  Mildly funny?


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