Last night I met author Lucy Robinson…

…and she’s as lovely as you think she is!

814fNCXyqsL._AA1500_Last night, N and I were invited out to Lucy’s book launch for her brilliantly hilarious, wee-yourself-it’s-so-funny second novel, A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger.  The launch was at the too-cool-for-school Society Club in Soho, a fantastic venue with loads of interesting books and such all over the place.  The husband and I will most definitely be back in the future for some perusing and purchasing.

I was having one of those nights that I don’t talk about here much (but probably should) where the whole social anxiety thing got the better of me and I felt unsure of myself and a bit terrified at the prospect of a super crowded small space full of people I didn’t know.  I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I wanted to which in hindsight makes me feel a bit sad but that’s that I suppose.  N says I did well but then of course he has to say things like that because otherwise I’d just have to fire him and find a new husband.

I digress.Cue the fangirl screeches....

Lucy was gracious and lovely and made sure she chatted to everyone and grinned through the onslaught of people asking her to sign their (multiple!) books.  Yep.  I was in that camp too… My copy of A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger is signed!  Boo-ya!  Which means my unsigned copy is going to get sent overseas to my Memom who probably might not get a lot of the humour in the book but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it all the same.  We tend to think the same things are funny so I’m sure she’s down for it.  She also did a brilliant reading of one of my favorite scenes from Charley’s stint in the hospital.

Anywho, I managed to nab Lucy long enough for a photo (in which I look horrible and she looks totally fab, thanks, dodgy lighting!).

All in all it was a lovely evening and I’m really thrilled to have been invited.  Hopefully I wasn’t too socially awkward and will get an invite for book three.

If you haven’t already read my review of Lucy’s second novel, you can find it here or you can purchase the book online on Amazon here.


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