AT3 – You make a good cup of coffee, but is it worth £20k?

This week’s “And Then There’s This” is about a story I came across in the Metro this week. For those of you who aren’t UK based, the Metro is a free weekday newspaper that pretty much everyone on any form of public transport snaps up like gold dust and reads.

Photo courtesy of the Metro website. Click for more info.
Photo courtesy of the Metro website. Click for more info.

In a blazing display of yet one more thing that’s massively wrong with this country, The House of Commons is hiring for a new coffee barista. Fortunately for the barista (unfortunately for everyone else) this job pays over 20k for a 39 hour week. Shockingly, that’s more than a teacher and a policeman and someone fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Even more shocking is that I make more than these people as well. And that makes me ill… really. The people with the most effect on our nation are teachers, hands down, and they should be making ten times what I make, let alone what a barista makes.

I’m not trying to belittle the barista or coffee shop trade, by all means. Hell, I love a coffee and when it’s done right my day can only get better after that! But I don’t think a cup of coffee equates to teaching a room full of kids the quadratic formula or why Shakespeare was so important to modern day literature. I don’t think a cappuchino can equate to a child molester or abuser being arrested. I don’t think a latte is worth more than someone giving up a year or more of their life to fight in a war that doesn’t make sense.

Maybe that’s just me.

You can read the full article on the metro website here.


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