AT3 – Down the rabbit hole…

Ok.  First I decided I was going to do this post, then I got talked out of it, then I re-decided to do it.

This week isn’t a story in the news, but a personal mystery that I want your help with.

I got a weird email at work, yesterday.  I get a lot of spam emails (and spam post!) and usually my spam filter is really good.  Somehow, a weird little gem of an email made it through and I just can’t wrap my head around it.  It’s nothing but photos and they don’t seem to be connected in any way except I can’t accept that.  I can’t just operate on the idea that it’s probably just some random thing someone’s sent out trying to be provocative or something.  There has to be some sort of meaning there… otherwise what’s the point?

It’s so large I’ve had to condense it to a .pdf file, otherwise I’d be uploading photo after maddening photo so for your perusal and investigation:

Weird email

Right, fellow sleuths, here’s what I know so far (thank you, Google image search):

  • The statue dude (just his head) is Amun, one of the most widely recorded Egyptian gods who was later identified as the basis for Zeus in Greek mythology.
  • The creepy stick guys in the forest is actually a portion of the Korean Folk Village in South Korea.
  • Cat-Man-Toad headed spider thing?  That’s the demon Baal and he’s one of the Seven Princes of Hell.  Charming.
  • The pile of shoes is actually from a Japanese cultural site, and they’re house shoes.
  • My favourite image, the gnome thing forging a sword, is actually a semi-famous painting by Arthur Rackham of the Mime working on a sword for Siegfried.  This is one of several illustrations for Richard Wagner’s opera “Siegfried“.
  • The picture of the islands are actually two little bits of land in territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea.
  • The upside down photo of the rocks at sunset is a picture of Meoto Iwa, or The Wedded Rocks, a site considered holy in the Shinto religion.

And that’s all I’ve got, other than the sender’s email address which is 233558938299(at)  Now, just in case it leads to a virus, I haven’t gone to the domain site,  I have however looked up a whois profile and it’s been around since 2010.  There’s no name attached but there’s a Toronto address.  And simply googling the email throws up loads of people who have had similar messages as far back as 2010.

It probably means nothing, just like that 1,000 page manifesto I got a few years ago at work from some looney toon who wanted to overthrow the monarchy.  (Yes, I handed it over to the police.) That was fun reading.

I’ll be the first to admit that LOVE a good conspiracy theory, but I’ll also be the first to admit that I get obsessed with stuff like this.

Any ideas?


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