Happy International Women’s Month!

Happy International Women’s Month to all you ladies out there and to the men who love you as well.

I’m trying something rather special this month on The London Diaries and theming all of my posts around IWM.  It’s an exciting month and there’s a lot going on from the WOW13 (Women of the World) festival at the Southbank Centre next weekend to the interview series I’ll be publishing each Monday this month.  To give you a bit of a run down or tentative schedule for the month, here’s what things are looking like:

Sunday, 3rd – Chick themed AT3

Monday, 4th – First interview in the series called “Not Your Granny’s Role Model” with an author we’ve seen here on the blog before.  Ooooh, exciting!

Friday, 8th – International Women’s Day!  I’ll be posting a special feature of the top five amazing female role models we should all be looking up to!

Saturday, 9th – N and I are at WOW13 at Southbank on a day pass.  At the moment I’m planning to attend a talk on feminism in the Middle East, a panel on sexuality/sex toys/confidence in the boudoir/etc (oooh, raunchy!), a self defence session and (most excitingly and the reason I got tickets in the first place) a talk given by Ruby Wax about mental illness in women.  Expect a review on Sunday instead of the normal AT3.

Monday, 11th – Second interview in the “Not Your Granny’s Role Model” series… this time we’ll have a super, mega awesome blogger telling us a bit more about her, what she does and what she thinks makes for a positive role model in today’s society.

Wednesday, 13th – On the 12th I’m attending a special writing class on creating strong female characters in fiction.  I’ll be sharing what I learned as well as a few sample bits of what I come up with in the writing session.

Sunday, 17th – AT3 is back with another lady-friendly post.

Monday, 18th – Third interview in the “Not Your Granny’s Role Model” series… we’ll have one of my “hometown heroes”, a musician from Louisville here on The London Diaries.

Wednesday, 20th – A super awesome guest post by Leah of Chicklit Reviews and News about the importance of Chick Lit in mainstream fiction and how it can actually empower women.  She’s pretty much an expert on the Chick Lit genre so get excited!

Sunday, 24th – AT3’s final Women’s Month installment.

Monday , 25th – Final interview piece in the “Not Your Granny’s Role Model” series… and this is a big ‘un!  That’s all I’ll say.

Friday, 30th – My advance review of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Americanah”.

Sunday, 31st – My final thoughs on Internatioal Women’s Month.

There’s sure to be a lot going on so check back daily for event reviews, special posts and interviews with some really cool chicks!

Take a deep breath, straighten your knickers (if you’re wearin’ ’em) and let’s dive right on in!


If you’re interested in getting in touch, tweet me at @stephanie_khani or @londondiaries1.  Alternatively you can email me at emailthelondondiaries [at] gmail.com.

Not really much of a creative post, but I’m still throwing this up on the weekend moonshine grid over at yeah write, purely to raise awareness about International Women’s Month and all of the super cool stuff I’ll be posting up on here in the coming weeks.  Dead excited!

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