Not Your Granny’s Role Model – Interview with mega-blogger Kit


This week’s interviewee for the Not Your Granny’s Role Model series is the avid (and hilarious) super-anonymous blogger otherwise known as Kit from Blogging Dangerously!

You originally started Blogging Dangerously as an anonymous way of de-stressing from life and as an outlet for rants and the like and it’s become widely read and very popular.  How in the heck did that happen, and were you expecting it?

I was definitely NOT expecting it!   I think it happened because people love reading the same things they’re thinking but feel like they can’t say out loud because they’re not anonymous.

Could you ever see Blogging Dangerously as a full time “day job”?  Would you ever consider publishing a book?

I don’t see Blogging Dangerously as a full time day job because it’s hard to get advertisers to take you seriously when you’re anonymous.  Despite the fact that I have a longer online presence than many “real” people, brands don’t trust anonymous bloggers – and without brands there’s no income.  I would definitely consider publishing a book but it would likely be a compilation of my blog posts.  I have 4 children, a full time job and a part time blog and I don’t think I would be able to squeeze in writing a novel.  Actually, I’ve tried.  It wasn’t pretty.

Moving on to some of the other things you’re involved in–#wineparty!  (For readers who don’t know, #wineparty is a weekly Tweetchat on Friday nights.  I won’t go into specific details about rules etc, you can read them on over here on Blogging Dangerously.)  What do you think is it about #wineparty that appeals to so many different people?

Well I think the thing that appeals to people is the thing that made me start it in the first place.  I was sitting home with my husband on a Friday night – after we’d tucked the kids into bed – and while we were watching TV I was also on Twitter.  I started seeing lots of people like me – parents, spouses, etc – who were home on Friday night tweeting about what “losers” they were for being home alone – or worse, for having a glass of wine by themselves.  So the next day I resolved that no one had to feel like that when there were hundreds of people doing the same thing.

Later that week I tweeted, “You are cordially invited to a #wineparty Friday night at 9pm”.  That was almost 2 years ago and 100 #wineparties later we are still socializing online with our virtual cocktail party.

You’ve also started a Facebook group called #IWouldRun500Miles which at the moment has just over 250 members.  What made you start #IWouldRun500Miles?  And why 500 miles?

I started running again in March of 2011 and really enjoyed it.  I work from home so sometimes going for a run is the only thing that gets me out of the house.  Sometimes it’s also the only thing that gets me away from my children for an hour.  It helps clear my brain.

The problem with my running was that it was hard to keep it up.  There was no compelling reason to go on a given day so a lot of days I didn’t.  Towards the end of the year I was hardly running at all.  I thought that if I had a goal it would be easier to motivate.  I decided that 500 miles was a reasonable goal – plus I really like the song “I would walk 500 miles” and it just seemed to fit.

I put the challenge out to my blog readers and to Twitter figuring a lot of people were probably struggling with the same motivational issues and people really responded.  The group was really amazing in 2012 – a lot of support, motivation and geeky runner questions and answers.  My goal for 2013 is 1000 miles and I’m really looking forward to it.

On top of all of that, you’re a mom and a wife and have a career.  How do you manage to keep up with it all, and do you have any tips for other ladies (or gents) in the same position?

I work in my home office from 8-5 and other than that I pretty much never sit down.  I have a lot of energy and like to “get things done.”   When my kids want something they say, “Mom, can you put <whatever it is> on your to do list?  I can’t say I recommend this strategy for everyone.  My husband says that most people need to stop for breath.  That seems wasteful to me. 😉

What traits do you think make for a positive, female role model?

I think that anyone can become a role model.  Different traits make each of us special – but I think that focusing on creating – rather than tearing down and not getting distracted by what other people do are critical to the positive success of an individual.

Do you have any women (famous or otherwise) who you look up to or find inspirational?

As an engineer, I am incredibly inspired by Marissa Mayer.  I am excited to see her career continue to develop

What do you think are some of the major problems facing women today, and how can they be helped?  

I think that television pits women against each other rather than showing them supporting each other.  Since so much of our success depends on networking  I think that this is a problem.  If we can help each other we will have more opportunities and be able to demand more recognition.

Any big plans in the works for 2013?

Well I have to run 1000 miles…  But besides that I have a list on the whiteboard beside me… It says, “Kids, work, cook, run, friends, read, write.”  If invitations come up that aren’t directly related to one of those things, I politely decline.  It still keeps me busy.

Finally, I know you’ve hit on Hemingway’s six word story idea in your blog last year… how about telling us your life story in six words?

Girl Marries Boy. To be continued…


Kit has many accolades and accomplishments under her belt already.  To name a few: winner of the 2010 Bloggie for BEST NEW WEBLOG; nominated for the 2010 Bloggie for WEBLOG of the YEAR; she was featured on; she’s syndicated at Blogher.  Kit has over 42,000 followers on Twitter and over 21000 fans on Facebook.  Kit has also partnered with various brands for reviews, social media campaigns and giveaways. Blogging Dangerously is sassy, funny, sexy and a downright guilty pleasure that everyone needs to be pleasuring themselves with, not to!  Or maybe…

Next Monday, we’ll be talking to one of my hometown’s best singers/songwriters/bloggers/new mums out there, Brigid Kaelin!  Get yer’ whiskey out and mosey on up for her thoughts on empowering females and much more!


If you’re interested in getting in touch, tweet me at @stephanie_khani or @londondiaries1.  Alternatively you can email me at emailthelondondiaries [at]

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