Like hearing the ocean in a seashell

I have about a million and one reasons why I love my husband.  N is kind, thoughtful, hilarious, good-looking and probably one of the sweetest people on this planet.  And he is also really, fantastically gullible.  We’re talking so gullible that if I were to tell him “gullible” wasn’t in the dictionary, he’d probably go look it up.  No lie.

So last night, while I was waiting for the dryer to finish off (domestic duties, don’tcha know) I picked up our deck of Fluxx cards (only the best game ever) and plopped down on the floor and told the mister to “sit down, shut up and Fluxx me”.  I’m a rude one. 

We haven’t played Fluxx since our holiday last year in Fuerteventura.  And you know what?  That’s pretty sad… because we love playing card games like Fluxx and Uno and Scrabble Slam.  I guess sometimes life gets in the way and you forget that there are freaking awesome card games to be played.

Anyhow, so the last time we got the Fluxx cards out was on holiday.  On a gorgeous beach.  Thinking of it just makes me homesick for the beach.  I took the cards out last night and reminded N that we hadn’t played since holiday and then, jokingly, I sniffed the deck of cards and said, “Mmmmm, smells like the ocean!”

N didn’t believe me.  “No they don’t.”

“Yuh huh,” I responded, holding the cards out to him.

And then?  The best thing ever happened. 

He actually brought the cards to his nose and took a great big whiff!!!!  He looked slightly confused as if he could nearly smell the salty ocean air.

I promptly collapsed into a fit of laughter.  We’d never even had the cards outside of the hotel, with the exception of the terrace where we (meaning I) had one too many margaritas.

I love that man.


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