Passive aggressive just isn’t good enough

Hey there, downstairs neighbour,

It’s not that we don’t like your music (we don’t) or your super fabulous karaoke skills (we definitely don’t)… It’s the fact that we can hear it all clear as day with all the doors and windows closed.  We like to think we’re conscientious neighbours–we don’t hoover or do the laundry before 10am or after 9pm, I don’t do the jumpy bits on my 30 Day Shred workout DVD (which believe me cheats me out of a super hard workout) because we don’t want to bother you.  It would be nice if you could extend the favour and not play your music so loud.  I get that when it’s a sunny, nice day that you want to make the most of it and sit out on your balcony… I used to too!  Until you moved in nearly 2 years ago, that is.  Y’see, I loved sitting out there, reading a book and taking in the rare sunshine, until inevitably you would put your speakers in the window, crank up the music and sit outside too.  Needless to say, our balcony is now used for barbecuing purposes only.  If we want the sun, we trundle down the road to the common and fight for green space with other families.

The newest development that we’re not fans of is the weed smoking.  Far be it for us to tell people how to live their lives… we don’t care what you do inside your flat.  But we do care when you, again, hangout on the balcony and smoke pot (I presume) to keep the inside from getting all smokey.  If you’re going to smoke pot, something tells me you probably shouldn’t be giving a rip about what the inside of your flat smells like.  When you do it outside?  That smoke rises and it goes right into our open windows and doors.  Our clothes (when they’re out to dry) reek of it and then have to be misted it with fabric fresh.  It’s not a nice smell, either, despite what you might think.  When my in-laws occasionally come around with their little baby, I’m always terrified you’re going to blaze up and you know what?  I don’t have to be.  I live here just as much as you do despite my politeness.

So we’ll keep calling the Council along with all of the other neighbours who are bothered, we don’t mind.  We’ve been doing it for years so at the end of the day, what’s another phone call?

At least the loud, disgustingly horrible parties have stopped… so that’s a step in the right direction.


Your upstairs neighbours

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