April 2013 Book Wrap Up

April Books

Books Finished:  5

Books Abandoned:  1

Books in Progress:  1

  • Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld (Advance read courtesy of NetGalley)

I think my favourite book this month had to have been Victoria Fox’s Wicked Ambition.  I won’t say too much as I have a review and interview with the fabulous Victoria out in a few weeks and don’t want to ruin it… but it’s good.

Capital seriously disappointed me.  I made it halfway through before giving in which totally goes against my 50 page rule but I just kept prodding myself on by thinking ‘Oh just give it 10 more pages, surely it’ll pick up!’  By halfway through I couldn’t even be bothered to care about any of the characters or the mystery surrounding the postcards.  I was honestly like this:


The answer?  Nope.


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