Book Review – Wicked Ambition by Victoria Fox


Wicked Ambition – Victoria Fox
Publisher: Harlequin UK
Release Date:  7 June 2013
Rating:  5/5
Source:  Advance copy from NetGalley!
Synopsis:  If not victory, revenge!
Some will do anything for fame.
Others will do anything to bring the famous down.
Three superstars. Three secrets.
For Robin, Turquoise and Kristin, the spotlight shines brightly. They’ve reached the glittering heights of stardom, and are adored the world over. But in the shadows lies the truth… An expose could be their end.
Because not everyone is happy about their success. Not everyone wants the best for them. Some people want to reveal the real stories behind the luxury parties and gorgeous men, and bring their dazzling worlds crashing to the ground.
Who will fall first?

Last year on holiday in Fuerteventura (oh so distant past) I devoured Shirley Conran’s Lace in a matter of days.  Wicked Ambition is, without a doubt, Lace for summer 2013.  Seriously.  I felt like I should be reading this book on a hot, sunny beach while sipping a mojito and not on a crowded bus in rainy, depressing London.  Now magazine has branded the book ‘600 pages of sin’ and they’re not wrong.  There’s loads of treachery, sex, revenge, more sex, violence, sex and well… sex! 

Having never read any of Victoria Fox’s other novels, I didn’t quite know what I was getting into when I requested the advance copy of Wicked Ambition on NetGalley.  All I knew was that the blurb sounded fun and like a much needed break from some of the more serious (aka depressing) stuff I’ve been reading, plus blogger friend Leah over at Chick Lit Reviews and News seemed pretty excited about it so I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

Wicked Ambition is the stories of three women–Robin, Turqouise and Kristin–and is as much about the drama that comes with fame as the connections that tie them together.  I really liked how Victoria wove in certain sub-charaters and situations that connected the women together without being overly (and painfully) obvious.  The sex scenes, because how could you not talk about those, were written very well and without the cringe factor despite being pretty graphic.  Like Lace, there’s a little something for everyone here, minus the goldfish!

As a whole, the novel was like one of those guilty pleasure celebrity reality shows only sexier and a lot more dangerous and I found it really hard to put down!  I kept wanting to read on a bit further, just one more chapter, until I found myself at the very explosive climax (ha ha) and satisfying (the puns are too easy) ending.

I love bonkbusters–they never pretend to be what they’re not and they never fail to disappont.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting Victoria Fox’s next novel… after I’ve read her back catalogue of course!

Wicked Ambition is out on 7 June in the UK and the US, just in time for summer break!  For more info on Victoria Fox or her other books, check out her website or pop back tomorrow where the glam lady herself will be talking about what makes a good sex scene and loads of other juicy bits!


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