Sunday, lovely Sunday

I think I’ve officially hit adulthood…

Last Sunday, after a lazy morning of coffee and reading and a long walk with the husband (as is our Sunday routine), I realised something really alarming.  Sunday is my favourite day of the week.  I must be growing up.

Why Sunday and not Saturday, you ask?

True, as a kid, teen and young adult I did love a good Saturday.  No school, no work, no problem.  Friday night meant staying up late and as I got older going out or to a party or having drinks with a few friends.  Homework, papers and projects were a Sunday job–Saturday was freedom to do whatever the hell I felt like.

Sunday, though… wow.  I don’t think I valued Sunday until I moved to the UK (and got a ‘real’ job).

So what is it about Sundays?

Well, for starters I don’t have to work on a Sunday (I think I’ve worked a total of four in the last five years at my current job).  That in and of itself makes Sunday a glorious day.  N doesn’t get up early on a Sunday meaning we’ve got the opportunity to sleep in or just stay in bed late (you know).  Often on a Sunday we make a nice breakfast like chocolate chip pancakes.  I sip on a giant mug of coffee (or two) for an hour or so as I browse the internet or read a book.  N and I most always go for a walk if the weather is nice.  Sometimes I go to the gym.  I usually buy fresh flowers for the table on a Sunday to last all week.  Dinner is always nice on a Sunday–often a typical British Sunday roast with gravy and all sorts of stodgy goodness.  If it’s not a roast, it’s always something nice because we’ve got the time to spend cooking.  If it’s a roast, I usually take a nap on the couch while watching a Man vs Food marathon.  Sunday evenings I always phone my Memom and gab for an hour or more–it’s my weekly dose of gossip and home!  Sometimes we Skype too… that’s always  really nice.  Sundays are even nicer when I’m off on the Monday.  There’s no anxiety about Monday morning and I can just relax with a cup of tea or glass of wine.  And then of course there’s Breaking Amish (as we now have TLC here in the UK).

Sunday–my favourite day of the week, no contest.


Hanging out at the moonshine grid this week as the speakeasy folks are on summer vacaction.  Goodness me I miss having summers off!


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