Happy Birthday, N!

A big, super Happy Birthday to N today who I know is stressed out about turning 30 next year.  So for his benefit, here’s 29 reasons why N should be happy and not worried at all to be turning 30 next year.

  1. He’s married to one bodacious babe (ie ME)
  2. He has a fantastic, secure and creative job that he enjoys
  3. He’s travelled so much and still has lots of places he’s going before (and after) he turns 30
  4. 30 is totally the new 20
  5. He lives in a nice flat (with a view!) in a decent area of London
  6. He’s mastering the art of “smoking” on our R2-BBQ
  7. His sense of humour is only getting better with age
  8. He’s already turning into a silver fox so going grey in his 30s won’t be an issue
  9. He’s kicking butt (and taking names!) at the gym
  10. Have I mentioned he’s a fantastic cook?  Seriously.  I hope I’m as much of a Masterchef as him when I turn 29!
  11. He doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks so he’s super healthy
  12. His blood pressure is better than mine
  13. He’ll most likely be a dad at some point in his 30s… and a brilliant one at that
  14. He’s got a super lovely family (and in-laws!) who love him very much.
  15. People take you more seriously in your 30s… your credibility level totally skyrockets
  16. It’s only up from here for N
  17. Our random 5-minute-dance-parties are only bound to get crazier/sillier in his 30s
  18. We’ll be moving back to KY at some point in his 30s
  19. Sophisticated stuff like wine tasting becomes more appealing in your 30s
  20. Maybe he’ll take up a sport… like golfing!  (ha ha ha)
  21. Gardening will start to become more and more appealing
  22. He already prefers a night in to a night out, so it’s not as if his social/party life will suffer
  23. Big things happen to people in their 30s
  24. It’s totally acceptable to have a mid-life crisis and buy a crazy cool car in your late 30s
  25. Apple will come out with crazy cool products he’ll “have to have” (and annoy me with) in his 30s
  26. He’ll only get handsomer in his 30s
  27. It’ll pretty much be a whole month of celebrating when he turns 30
  28.  Nothing’s really going to change… besides his “awesome level”
  29. 40 is definitely the new 30… so he’s got another 10 years to not think about getting old

Happy birthday, love!


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