Book Review – Trinity by Nigel May

Publisher: self published by the author
Release Date:  4 May 2013
Rating: 3.5/5
Source:  Sent over by the man himself!  🙂
Synopsis:  Trinity follows the lives of three rich, beautiful and glamorous women who think that the bond of friendship between them will last for eternity. But life has an unpleasant way of making even the best of friends turn on each other.

Gossip queen Anoushka Silvers must face the fact that she is the daughter her abusive father never wanted. Her relentless ambition to be top of her game and prove herself to her family means that she will stop at nothing to
earn respect. But when her bitchy tongue gains her death threats and the unwanted attention of a stalker, it could be Anoushka who is making the headlines.

For actress Evie Merchant, her childhood dreams of becoming the world’s hottest movie star are just about to come true. But a string of loveless, hurtful liaisons with lovers out to use her fame has made Evie uncertain about her future. And with Oscar day looming, Evie’s biggest prize of all could be torn from her for good.

Wild child Regan Phoenix has never felt loved. She’s had to cope with her soap star mother’s disinterest all her life and has never known who her father is. A loveless childhood has made Regan search for quick-fix highs from drink, drugs and meaningless sex. But when the opportunity of starring in her own reality show comes along, Regan grabs it with both hands, hoping to put her trashy past behind her.

From fashionable London to glitzy LA and from the decadence of Venice to the sun-drenched beaches of Muscat, Trinity takes you on an unforgettable journey which proves that not everyone can end up living happily ever after.

Trinity was probably one of the most addicting reads for me so far this year–it was like watching your favourite soap opera and reality show rolled into one glittering ball of insane goodness.  With more twists and turns than the most memorable episodes of The Young and the Restless and As the World Turns combined, Nigel May’s Trinity had me scandalised and thoroughly entertained from the first to the last page.  I can definitely see why Trinity appeals to fans of Victoria Fox and Tasmina Perry and indeed the authors themselves!

May’s novel features a host of intriguingly sinful characters–both the main and secondary characters were brilliantly written.  I actually found myself enjoying some of the stories of the supporting characters more than anything else, particularly that of Regan’s mother, Montana.  I just found her (and Lawrence!) to be such horrible people that I couldn’t get enough of them.  Funny how that works.

There’s a fair bit of sex in Trinity but it’s not over the top and on every other page.  It’s realistic without losing its sexiness–always good!  I wasn’t cringing at the couplings and dirty talk–not an easy feat.  And a bonkbuster written by a man!  Revolutionary!

My only issue was that there were a few spelling/grammatical errors that were overlooked.  I understand that May is now going to correct these errors in the Kindle version; at the end of the day the story and characters were so enjoyable that the mistakes didn’t detract from the book.  I’m eager to see what May comes up with next.

If you like your fiction sexy, sweaty and full of intrigue, Trinity is definitely the book for you this summer.

For more information on Nigel May, Trinity or some of the other projects he’s involved in, do check out his website.


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