Do I or don’t I?

After three (count em THREE) rejection emails from three different publishing companies yesterday (for jobs, not manuscripts), I’m beginning to ponder the merits of applying for unpaid internships/work experience in the publishing industry.  There are loads of different types, lengths, some pay lunch/travel…  There’s a lot there to think about.  The two week long work experience places really interest me as I’ve got loads of holiday time to use up after August.

So what I wanna know is it worth it?  Has anyone out there had any joy from doing work experience?  Or maybe you have some job-hunting advice full stop?

Let me know!


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5 thoughts on “Do I or don’t I?

  1. Interning is how I got my first full-time job in publishing! I interned for a literary agent for a semester in college (unpaid, once a week) and then the summer before senior year I got a (full-time, $10/day stipend) internship with WW Norton & Co. I carried on interning for them one day a week all through my senior year, and was offered a full-time editorial job two weeks before graduation. It’s painful, but I think it really is one of those industries where it’s easier to get a job if you’re already somewhat on the inside.

  2. I’d say an internship is definitely worth it, especially if you’ve not had any Publishing experience before. I recently did a three week Publicity internship with a Publishing House and they paid £50 a week expenses; even though I’ve decided Publishing and Publicity aren’t for me (nothing to do with the Publishing House, they were awesome, I just didn’t think I would enjoy or excel at it) it looks great on the CV and I learnt a lot. A few people I spoke to had gotten jobs from doing an internship, not always in the same department, but they got a foot in the door.

    1. Thanks, Alice! I’ve gotten the ball rolling and have submitted a few applications… mostly to smaller publishing houses as I think (hopefully) I might have a better chance there. A bit difficult to juggle around a full time job but have quite a bit of holiday time that I need to take anyhow! After that runs out, I think I may downscale to part time and (again, hopefully) phase myself out of the job I’m currently in and into one that’s more enjoyable and suitable for me! Fingers crossed, anyhow.

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