Finding Lost Gems by Gwen

Have you ever gone back and reread books and realized how much you loved the story? I just started that on my kindle. There are so many books on that thing that I had forgotten that I had!

c36964[1]My recent rediscovery is a little series by Gemma Halliday called High Heel Mysteries. I bought the box set (books 1-5) back in November of 2011, read it and then moved on. I remember thinking that it was cute and a fun read and that’s about it…and then a few weeks ago I realized that I had been grosly neglecting my book worm ways…that needed to change immediately. So I picked up my Kindle because all my physical books have been packed away since my apartment flooded 2 years ago (this book worm didn’t want to put my books in danger again). I live on a college campuses working in Student Affairs so I wanted to make sure I was settled before putting them out again.

Before I tell you what I thought let me tell you what the books are about.

L.A. shoe designer, Maddie Springer stumbles into a murder investigation when her boyfriend disappears and becomes a person of interest in an embezzlement case and then in 2 murder cases. She is faced with a scary situation and has to defend herself in a very unique way.

Maddie gets a call from someone saying that he was her Dad (who had left her years before). To figure out what is going on she ends up taking her best friend Dana (aerobics teacher slash actress) to Las Vegas. While in Vegas Maddie finds her dad and discovers that he is tangled in a web of counterfit designer shoes and murder.
Think of a Desperate Housewives reboot. Maddie takes it on herself to investigate the leading lady’s string of threatening notes to take the pressure of her boyfriend (LAPD officer Jack Ramirez). In the process of trying to “help” she ends up being targeted herself.
Maddie’s big fashion break happens when a high named designer asks her to show her shoe line at Paris Fashion week. Days before the show the top model is found dead on the runway stabbed with one of Maddie’s shoes. Maddie is sure that she is being framed so she enlists her friends to investigate the murder, heists, and skeletons in closets.


Maddie Springer is finally walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams. And she’s got the perfect wedding planner to pull it all off in style. Well, perfect, that is, until the woman winds up dead – murdered in buttercream icing. With the help of her fellow fashionista friends, Maddie vows to unveil the cold-blooded killer, but as the wedding day grows closer, tempers flare, old flames return, and Maddie’s race to the altar turns into a race against time.

And now for the review:

If you are looking for a hard hitting strong feminine protagonist (had to use my English degree there…sorry), this is not your series. To be honest, Maddie (the main character) gets in more life threatening situations than a cop in downtown LA. It’s a little frustrating how often she gets pushed around to doing what her friends want to do (which typically leads her into the dangerous situations). The other thing that a lot of the reviews brought up (but honestly I didn’t notice at all either time I read the series) but there are a few spelling and grammatical errors in the Kindle version. But like I said, I didn’t notice it until I was looking up the synopses for this post.

This series is a break from reality. It’s the textbook definition of a beach read it’s a fluffy and light and a fun mental break. Maddie is essentially a girl in love who most of the time does things to help the people she cares about, which was something that I identified with.

If you are interested in these books or anything else written by Gemma Halliday please take a look at her website-where you can find everything she’s written!

I recommend these books wholeheartedly…especially if you read heavy or stories that truly screw with your mind (The Likeness by Tana French being one!) this is a refreshing break. And honestly…for 5 books you pay just $10 (for the US Kindle version) and you get your money’s worth out of it!


G is an aspiring writer, student affairs professional, movie lover, but most of all a book worm to the core. She is happiest when reading regularly-it gives her a chance to imagine other things and helps her to be more creative while at work (when you work in Student Affairs that’s a good thing). She’d love to trade book recommendations, photo tips, recipies…whatever your heart desires! You can find her on Twitter you can find me and on Instagram as @sunnygwen.

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