The Excitement Of Self-Publishing by Nigel May

NIGEL MAY, author of the eBook blockbuster TRINITY and the only male author featured in the chart-topping perfect-beach-read anthology SUNLOUNGER fills us in on why he decided to self-publish his first book…

5.TRINITY COVER HI-RES As a man who grew up reading the delights of authors such as Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz, Shirley Conran and Harold Robbins, there is no better place for me than immersed between the bling-laden, action-packed, globetrotting pages of a good blockbuster. Give me a host of strong female leads, a swarthy cad of a bounder, a dashing hero and enough thrilling intrigue to keep detectives in business for decades then I am a very happy man. Whether it be tucked up in bed at night or stretched out poolside on holiday, the unlimited joy that a good read can give you is just infinite.

It was my love of reading and all things wordy that first took me into my initial career as a writer in the wonderful world of journalism. I spent years working as a showbiz journalist for a myriad of magazines and absolutely loved it. I worked alongside Belinda Jones and Tasmina Perry (now two of my favourite authors) and interviewed stars of film, TV and music around the world. I was living the books I loved (just without the riches and the saucy shenanigans!). These days I work as a TV host so writing is not my daily job any more, but about five years ago the itch to write kicked in again and it wasn’t just a showbiz article I wanted to write. It was a novel – a spicy, racy, pacy, dynamite, page-turning book, just like the ones I have loved all of my life. Which is how my first fiction romp about the lives of the rich and famous, TRINITY, started to form.

On a day off from work, with a few hours spare, I created three young women, gave them names and jobs and sketched out the relationship between them. One a gossip columnist, one an actress and one a wild child. They were friends, they were rivals, they were strong, they were vulnerable. They were real. Over the next eight months, on every day off from my day-job I would shape the world they lived in, take them around the world, load them with heartaches and joys and see them immerge from their initial caterpillar form into captivating, beautiful butterflies, just like the heroines I adored. I had no idea whether anyone else would like them, but I was loving playing dad and bringing the women and the characters around them to life.

Fast forward half a decade. Two agents later (yes, someone loved TRINITY and signed me!) and three books later (if my dreams of a book deal come to fruition one day I would adore to see my books on the shelves of shops nationwide) I was given the advice to self-publish TRINITY. I wasn’t sure at first. Would that see it sink without a trace? Would people not love the characters like I do? Would people laugh at it? All of those insecurities ricocheted through my mind. But on May 4th this year (a day I was filming an episode of the TV show Pointless – I remember it well!) TRINITY hit websites around the globe ready for download. The ‘trinity of women’, Nush, Evie and Regan had left the warm seclusion of my own PC and were finally available for anyone worldwide who wanted to share their adventures. Within days the reviews came rolling in. So far I have had amazing reviews (including a glorious one from this very website) and I have been touched that readers have compared my saga to those of the successful authors I love. As I type there are around 120 reviews, mostly five star and the addiction and thrill of watching your chart position go up and down is electrifying. For me though, the best thing about self-publishing has been the chance for others to enjoy my words. There is nothing more satisfying.

102.sunloungerTRINITY has allowed me to be part of the amazing SUNLOUNGER anthology too (the only male in an ocean of female literary talent) and also to realise that my dreams of longing for that all important book deal (I still love the feeling of turning the pages and cracking the spine of a good paperback) could one day come true. I am keeping everything crossed. But with another two books already lined up for consideration and the desire to keep on writing running through my veins, I know that whatever happens, I will be writing for as long as I possibly can…it’s brilliant!

For more information about TRINITY and where it is available to download head to Nigel’s website

For reviews about TRINITY head over to the Amazon page or check out my review .

And finally, for info on SUNLOUNGER and Nigel’s short story WATERFALLING IN LOVE head to the SUNLOUNGER website.  I’ll be posting a reader review of SUNLOUNGER in the coming weeks.

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