Interview with Haley Hill

Today I’m hosting an interview with author Haley Hill on her blog tour for her first book, It’s Got to be Perfect.  The book is extremely funny and a quick read and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something fun to get stuck into.

got-to-be-perfectTell us a bit about yourself!  Who are you?  What’s your favourite colour/cake/alcoholic beverage… you know the drill!

Wow, where do I start? I’m an ex-pharmacist, ex-entrepreneur, ex-matchmaker, now author and mother of twin toddlers. My favourite colour is pink, probably because I spent my childhood dressed in blue. When it comes to cake and alcohol, I try not to discriminate.

You’ve recently released your first book, It’s Got to be Perfect, which has been described as “deliciously gossipy,” “hilarious” and “addictive.”  Tell us about your novel and tell us why we should all be reading it.

“It’s Got to Be Perfect” was inspired by my time as a matchmaker. I set up the agency when I was 27 and single. I’d had my heart broken and, looking back, I realise I was searching for answers. Six years later, by the time I sold the business, I had personally interviewed and matched thousands of singles and as a company tens of thousands. I was married and pregnant with my twin girls. Having learnt so much about love and relationships, I was desperate to share my experiences. The book, although a humorous observation of the modern-dating scene, has a deeper premise, almost as though it were a message to my twenty-seven year-old self.

In the writing, I wanted to explore all the issues we don’t like to talk about or even admit. That’s where the humour comes from, I think, because we can all relate.

Are there any particular moments in the book that you can share that were written from personal experience?

Yes, many. Although I wrote the book as fiction and the scenarios and characters aren’t based on real life, the emotions described are all real and drawn from my experiences. The pain, the heartbreak, the elation and the hope. I, along with my clients, experienced them all.

What’s next for you?  Will you be writing more books or are you currently working on any projects?

In all honesty, I found the writing process extremely draining. It took me three years to get “It’s Got to Be Perfect” to a standard I was happy with. Afterwards, it felt as though I had wrung my heart out like a dishcloth. I would love to write another book but not just for the sake of writing. It would have to be a story that I am just as desperate to tell.

Finally, a question I ask all of my interviewees:  Ernest Hemingway perfected the art of flash fiction with his six word story, “For sale:  baby shoes, never worn.”  Give us your life story (so far) in six words.

Girl questioned love. Love answered back.


Haley was born in London in 1977, with a big heart, big feet and big ideals. In 2005, she set up what turned out to be the UK’s biggest matchmaking agency. She has since sold it and drunk the proceeds. She lives in Battersea with her husband James, a wine merchant and consequent enabler of her habit, their twin girls and a scruffy hound called Rufus. She spends her days chasing her toddlers around the house, trying to write but mostly just messing about on Twitter.

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For more stops on Haley’s blog tour, check out Fiction Addiction Blog Tours!

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