An update on the Curry’s issue

You’ll remember my most recent post about my destroyed oven and the little help we’d gotten from Curry’s.

It turns out, when you escalate things and email the MD, situations get resolved pretty quickly.  I fired off an email to the MD on Friday, expressing my disappointment in the situation (the lack of help and communication from the KnowHow team specifically).  Within two hours I had a phone call from a lovely lady who heads up the KnowHow team referring to my email.  She promised to have the issue sorted for me before Christmas.

An hour later?  I had a call from a depot manager to arrange a time/date for the delivery of a brand new oven (they wanted to give us a new one, rather than just replace the door).

Our oven was delivered, the old one removed and the new one installed and tested yesterday afternoon.

I’ll have an oven for Christmas… and I couldn’t be more relieved.

I’m very happy with the outcome and with the help I had from Val and Chris at Curry’s.  They were both super friendly and very apologetic that I’d had that much of a problem with the support team and customer service team.  I’m disappointed that I had to resort to emailing the MD to get anything done, but in the end I don’t regret it.  It’s Christmas, after all, and right now I think my husband and I could use a Christmas miracle.

Now to get the washer/dryer fixed which broke on Friday.  John Lewis are out on Christmas eve to sort it, but if it’s the same problem as three years ago, I’ll have to have another replacement washer which took ages last time.

But I’d much rather have my stove back.


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