Resolutions and all that…

I’m not really good at the whole New Year’s resolution thing… I’m rubbish at it, in fact.  I tend to not even bother thinking about them because I’m so bad.  Last year’s resolution (because I was feeling squirrely) was to find a new job and be happy in what I was doing.  Not a single interview.  Oh, and I resolved to do the whole “lose weight” thing which lasted until the first box of chocolates was passed my way.

Yeah, I’m terrible at this stuff.

But the other day I was thinking about what I want to accomplish this year… despite being rubbish…  and it all boiled down to two things:

Be kinder to and take better care of myself


Be kinder to and take better care of those I love

They’re both pretty broad but there are some very specific things I want to do for each.

To me, being kinder to and taking better care of myself means that I’ll be resolving a few things:

  • to not be so hard on myself.  This is the most major part of this category.  I tend to take things personally and take the weight of problems and situations onto my own psyche.  That needs to stop.  I can’t fix everything and the things I can fix I’ll just have to do one step at a time and to the best of my own ability.  If I fall short, I need to see that as a learning opportunity and not a failure.
  • to enjoy life more.  One great example is with the reading and the book reviewing.  The little free time I have is valuable and I’m not going to spend it stressing over whether or not I can turn a book around for a review in less than three days like other reviewers can.  I have a full time job, a husband and other stuff going on.  I also, over the past few weeks, took a hard look at my reading habits and actually stopped reading for a week or so.  It was nice… and I plan on doing that (and reading more of what I want) more often this year.  I also resolve to dance more.  I want to dance more on my own and make a total ass of myself.  I want to dance with my husband. I’m even going to try out a zumba class next week for the hell of it.  I want to enjoy life more in every way… after the last few weeks I’ve had a hard lesson in just how short life is.  In the grand scheme of it all, things like broken ovens mean nothing.
  • to take more pride in how I appear.  I wrestled hard with this one as it sounds superficial but it encompasses so many things for me.  It means learning to love how I look and appreciate myself.  If that means some days I feel like I need to wear a little more makeup (war paint) then so be it.  I’ve started going back to the gym, we’ve made a super healthy menu for the next two weeks and I finally feel like I’m ready to start over again.  I’ve resolved to only have alcohol on the weekends after the free for all that was Christmas/New Year’s this year.  I’ve started using higher quality, organic products on my skin and I’ve obsessively started wearing products that have an SPF in them (you should too).
  • Finally, I resolve to put myself first when I need to.  This is non-negotiable for me.  This means less blogging, less Facebook, less Pinterest and less Twitter.  And I’m ok with that.

And my second set of “resolutions” to be kinder to and take better care of others are:

  • To pay more attention to what others need. Sometimes N just needs a hug or his mum just wants to chat about nothing or my sisters want to message me with ridiculousness (good or not so good) and that’s ok.  I can do things like that so easily and ultimately they make me feel good as well.
  • To call home more.  I already call once a week, without fail (unless otherwise planned) on a Sunday for a catchup with my Memom.  I’m going to start calling home mid-week too.  I miss my family and if they miss me half as much, I really should call a second time.  Also, I want to Skype more and see them when I can.
  • To be nicer.  I know I take things out on people, a lot of times things that they have no control over.  I’ve been fairly good lately about apologising after but I’d like to get to the point where I can identify that I’m doing that before or as it’s happening and stop before I even need to apologise.
  • To disconnect and be present.  This one is specifically for N.  I want to spend more quality time with him, particularly on week nights.  Starting tonight, we switched off the TV and put on the radio instead and ate dinner at the table (not on the couch) for the first time in months (excluding Xmas).  It was so nice and it’s going to be the norm and not the exception from here on out.  I want to just enjoy being with him even if that means putting my book away or giving the blog a miss for a night or two.

That’s it from me… I’m back to blogging but it’s not going to be a regular thing for a while.  I’m just…. well… enjoying being right now.

What are your resolutions?



2 thoughts on “Resolutions and all that…

  1. Good Luck, Steph – they sound excellent resolutions! Really lovely, thoughtful ones all based on LOVE. If I get a quarter of the way towards these, I’ll be doing well! I know I should make some – don’t know where to start!

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