TILTS are back!!!

As part of my goal this year to take better care of myself, I’m bringing back TILTS (Things I Love Thursdays)! If you don’t know what TILTS are it’s pretty self explanatory but you can take a look at old posts here.

I’m changing things up a bit though. Instead of listing as many things as I can think of, I’m going to pick just three things I’m thankful for and talk about them a bit.

So what have I loved this week?

1.  Dinners with N.  For the longest time we’ve been sitting on the couch and watching TV while we have dinner but recently I got a bit fed up with that.  So I pulled the table away from the wall (hey! It’s a small flat!), lit some candles, put on the radio and we had dinner like that.  And it was nice.  So nice, in fact, we’ve been doing it every night ever since with the exception of one or two nights.  It’s just a nice time to reconnect, to decompress from the day we’ve had.  And I like to think it’s brought us closer.

2.  This picture of these three little ladies reacting to ‘The Kiss’ at a wedding:

Credit for this photo goes to @HistoricalPics on Twitter.
Credit for this photo goes to @HistoricalPics on Twitter.

Just the look of sheer horror and disgust on the third little girl’s face is enough to send me into giggle-spasms.  How hilarious is this photo, and how genius was the person who took it??  Brilliant!

3.  Friday night shall be fun.  I’m spending the night with three of my favourite people (besides N) H, P and K at H’s place.  She’s come up with a delish menu and I’ve heard a rumour that there might be board games.  Score!

What have you loved this week?


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