January 2014 Book Wrap Up

Welcome to the first book wrap up of the year… and at nine books this month I’ve definitely started the year off strong.  All of them (with the exception of one) were sent across for review, despite my promise to myself to lessen the review copies and read more of the ones I’ve actually purchased but there have just been so many amazing books sent across to me this month that I couldn’t resist!  Once I’ve cleared through the copies I’ve recieved, I think I will tone it down a bit and take a breather… so hopefully by the end of March I’ll be a bit less bogged down!

jan 2014 books

Books completed – 9

  • Snowblind – Christopher Golden (review to follow on Judging Covers)
  • The Geography of You and Me – Jennifer E Smith (review to follow on Judging Covers)
  • Gretel and the Dark – Eliza Granville (review here)
  • The Dead Wife’s Handbook – Hannah Beckerman (review to follow on Judging Covers plus an interview with the author)
  • Salvage – Keren David (review here)
  • Don’t Stand So Close – Luana Lewis (review here)
  • The Other Typist – Suzanne Rindell (review here)
  • Mother, Mother – Koren Zailckas (review here)
  • How I Live Now – Meg Rosoff

Currently reading – 1

  • How to Get a Love Life – Rosie Blake (review to follow on Judging Covers plus an interview with the author)

Books completed this year – 9



9 thoughts on “January 2014 Book Wrap Up

  1. You know I love your reviews :)…so many books I have discovered because of your blog 🙂 will look into these right now! love Ceri xx

      1. I will Steph. I have my cuppa ready and I will now investigate xxxx
        btw..if you haven’t, you must read:
        ‘The Apple Yard’ by Louise Doughty.
        its the best book I have read in ages..I finished it last week and its still in my head. x

      2. my friend and I both bought it after reading a fabulous review on Richard and Judy book club. I t was better than they said. …its about a woman being in the wrong place at the wrong time. by the time you are a few chapters in you will be hooked. the old bailey scenes are gobsmacking. read it Steph..i read it in 3 days. during every work break and late into the night…no women would have an affair after reading this!

      1. good girl…this is an unusual and an ‘oh my god’ book. at the end I tweeted my friend
        #AppletreeYard well I really don’t know what to say! #whatabook!
        She replied
        Ruth Tullis ‏@ruthtullis21 Jan 13
        @cerilouise1 I’m gob smacked

        go read missy xxx

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