La Pepa at Sadler’s Wells, a review

Photo courtesy of London Theatre Direct
Photo courtesy of London Theatre Direct

On Sunday, N surprised me with last minute, front row tickets for La Pepa, a flamenco ballet that is showing as part of the Flamenco Festival at Sadler’s Wells.  Never having been to a flamenco performance before, I had no idea what to expect but I love dance and I love all things Spanish so I knew we couldn’t go wrong!

Lead dancer Sara Baras put her heart and soul into the performance and there were times where the joy was so rapturous on her face that I thought she might just cry, burst or both.  La Pepa also featured nine other dancers as well as live music and some of the most beautiful singing I’ve ever heard.

La Pepa is a dramatic dance interpretation of the history of Andalucia and the struggle for freedom.  I couldn’t get enough of the dancing or the music and the story itself was cleverly done.  Even N was moved to tears at times.  I know I keep repeating myself and this is probably the least put together or coherent review I’ve ever written, but La Pepa was so good that I struggle to describe it.

The clip offered up by Sadler’s doesn’t do the perfomance justice but gives you some semblance of an idea as to the beauty and energy in Baras’s performance.

Have you been to see it?  What did you think?  If not, the show runs until 8 March.  Make sure you snag some tickets–you won’t be disappointed.


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