TILT – 13 March 2014 (plus a giveaway!)

It’s time for another edition of Things I Love Thursday!  This week, it’s all about simple things and how they really do make a difference.

  • Sunshine.  Honestly… after so many weeks of cloud, rain, gales, drizzle and bizarre storms, seeing the sun so much over the last week has made me positively happy.  It’s really made my mood lift and I’m loving that the days are starting to get longer.  I’ve seen some colourful and amazing sunrises over the last week.  How could you not love that?
  • Walks.  Hand in hand with the sunshine are the walks I’ve been taking.  N and I had a super long, gorgeous walk last weekend all the way through Clapham Common and down to Clapham Junction (where I of course engaged in more retail therapy).  I’ve been making it a point to get off the bus a mile from work and walk the rest of the way in (time permitting, of course).  Yesterday morning was so beautiful and I was so early that I just couldn’t go into the office 45 minutes early so I grabbed a coffee and went for a two mile excursion.  I made it to the office for bang on 8am and felt all the better for the long walk.  I listened to some great music, cleared my head and just enjoyed being outside.
  • The new Beck album, Morning PhaseI’ve been waiting ages for this album which finally released last month.  I’ve had it on my iPod and have flicked through it but never really got the chance to devote any real listening time to it until yesterday when I went on that two mile trekk I mentioned.  It’s such a gorgeous piece of work–it was actually quite moving to walk through the fringes of Hyde Park in the sun and listen to the single Blue Moon (below) which I can’t stop listening to as it is.

So tell me, you gorgeous people… what are you enjoying this week?  And you know what?  I’m feeling so upbeat that I’m going to give the winner something nice and lovely!  Not sure what as yet, but I promise it’ll be fab!  Enter by noon on Friday!



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