The call is coming from inside the house

Photo courtesy of Olybrius and Wikimedia Commons.
Photo courtesy of Olybrius and Wikimedia Commons.

In case you missed my super creepy post on Facebook this morning (or if you’re not on my friend’s list), N had a very creepy Skype in the early hours.  Thank GOD I didn’t pick it up because I can tell you now, I would freak the freaking heck out and lose my shizz.

So we have a special Skype number that my family and friends can call to reach us here in London.  It’s a local area code and it doesn’t cost them anything extra.  We do get the occasional wrong number but even those are pretty rare.  We did go through a phase where we were getting bogus calls from sales people but those have finally stopped as well.

And then around 07.30 this morning the Skype number rang through.  N saw the 859 area code (which was my area code while I was at Berea) and realised it was the middle of the night back home and answered, thinking it was an emergency.

He takes the call.  A old-ish sounding woman comes over the line and says:

I need to get this person out of  my living room, tell me what I have to do.

N, rightfully flabbergasted said nothing for a few seconds and finally responded with a simple “Hello?”.

She again says:

Tell me how to get this person out of my living  room

At this point, N is beyond freaked and responds again with “Hello?”.

Ten seconds of dead silence go by and then the whispering starts.  Scary, creepy whispering, as if she’s holding the phone away from her face.  N couldn’t make out what she was saying, apart from her fast and frantic whispering.  This goes on for around twenty more seconds and then she stopped.  Silence for nearly a minute.

And then the line went dead.

How.  Bizarre.  Is.  That?

Seriously.  Just typing that out freaks me out ridiculously.  We’ve googled the number and it’s from Junction City, KY (not Berea as I’d thought) and is registered to an M.T. Grider.

Completely and utterly bizarre.

N kind of wants to call it back later today in the comfort of daylight on both sides of the world but is unsure.  What do you think?  Do we call the number back!?


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9 thoughts on “The call is coming from inside the house

  1. Golly – how wierd. I wouldn’t call back. I’m glad that wasn’t me… If it’s someone in danger why are they using Skype? Why don’t they ring the local police or get neighbours etc? Could be a sign of mental illness – but she’s not exactly on your doorstep to give assistance. I’d say leave well alone, personally!

    1. They probably weren’t using skype specifically. We pay for a special subscription that allows people in the USA to call us on a local area code number from their landlines or mobiles–they don’t even need to have skype. It’s pretty handy, actually!

      We’ve had loads of weird calls in the past and it’s sometimes as simple as the caller having the wrong number. It might be that she did try to call a neighbor/family member but got the number wrong.

      It was all super weird either way.

  2. I’d be tempted to call the local police over there in a non-urgent way. There was either a real intruder and they can check it out, could be a scared/confused lady living alone who might need checking on or it could be a ghost! – at least you’re not getting involved directly.

    1. We never called. And by ‘we’ I obviously mean my husband… I claim no responsibility. I can’t even deal with scary movies, much less real life scary situations. Seriously. I fell to pieces with the Paranormal Activity series and refused to go to the loo alone at night.

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