TILT 27 March 2014

Bit quiet this week… sorry for that.  N has had a lurgy which has led to sleepless nights, I’ve had the occasional migraine and I’ve just been too plumb ‘wore out’ (as we say in KY) to do much of anything that requires extra brain power.  I have, however, managed to come up with my three things I’m loving this week:

  • My garlic crusher.  Ok, don’t laugh.  I’m not generally a very materialistic person but I draw the line at kitchen gadget.  N and I both love them but when I came home with a £12 garlic press which was an impulse buy from John Lewis a month ago he did raise his eyebrows and have a bit of a go about the price.  But let me tell you, this garlic press is the best thing since sliced bread… IT CLEANS ITSELF, PEOPLE.  I don’t have to dig my fingers in to get the stringy bit.  Oh.  YES.  Check it out here
She is a thing of beauty...
She is a thing of beauty…
  • Good books.  I’ve just finished two–A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke (Judging Covers review here) and The Execution of Noa P. Singleton by Elizabeth L. Silver.  I really enjoyed both and particularly flew through A Single Breath.  I do predict that’ll be a popular one this summer.  It’s out today–snag your copy!
  • The Pickin’ On series.  Bluegrass covers of Maroon 5?  I think so.  Banjo renditions of Red Hot Chili Peppers?  Yep.  Never fails to entertain me.

Tell me what you’re loving!


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2 thoughts on “TILT 27 March 2014

  1. PARIS, a new freelance client, not having touched the washing up in several days now. Just, while we’re confessing.

    Not loving: lack of sleep, having to turn the heat back on because it got chilly again this week, and the fact that all my library holds came due at once and I can’t read 7 books fast enough at the same time. Drat.

    1. I’m too OCD to leave the washing up. Seriously. The thought makes me cringe.

      And what is UP with the cold weather? Honestly. And it’s going to be warm this weekend. I don’t know what the hell wardrobe to have out and ready… What’s a girl to do??

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