Anniversary Night Out

So last Thursday was our 5th wedding anniversary and we decided to make a night of it.  And what a night it was!  London has so many amazing things on offer–places to eat, things to do and shows to see.

For dinner, which was N’s choice, we went Spanish and headed for Brindisa in Soho.  N is part Spanish and I love Spanish food so it was a great fit.  If you’ve ever ventured to Borough Market you’ll know that Brindisa have a cafe nearby and also have a stall on the fringes of the market where they make the best chorizo rolls in London.  (I’m not biased, check out The London Review of Sandwiches if you don’t believe me!)  I’ve never eaten in one of their cafes or restaurants before but I knew I was in for a treat.

We arrived slightly early and were shown to a table right away.  The jug of sangria we ordered was nice enough but nothing overly amazing.  But the food… ahhhhh the food.  That’s a whole different story.  As it’s mainly tapas (sharing plates), we ordered several different dishes to share.  Our choices were:

Patatas Bravas
Fried potatoes with a traditional spicy catalan sauce

Gambas al Ajillo
chili garlic prawns

Croquetas de Jamon
ham croquetas

Crispy Pork Belly
with butternut squash chutney

fried fish with pureed black rice

squid with peas

Everything was absolutely delicious and brought out fairly quick–they’re only small dishes after all!  A particular favourite of mine were the chilli prawns (with the oil still bubbling when served!) and the patatas bravas.  ¡Delicioso!

And because I know a few of your are food porn addicts, check out a few photos, courtesy of N’s iPhone… of course.

Photo 17-04-2014 17 19 33
croquetas and patatas bravas

Photo 17-04-2014 17 20 12
prawns and chilli garlic

Photo 17-04-2014 17 44 58
crispy pork belly…. mmmmmmm…

Photo 17-04-2014 17 36 27
bacalao and squid

Stunning, no?

Dimly lit and fairly quiet with great food to boot, Brindisa in Soho was the perfect way to start our anniversary evening–with a bit of celeb spotting too!

After dinner we wizzed over to my home away from home in Soho–The Montague Pyke pub.  Bestie Becca and I frequented this joint before she moved to South Africa and I find myself here whenever I have time to kill in town.  The pub is massive with an extensive drinks list so it’s a great place to chill out before moving on to something else.

To cap off the evening, I’d booked us second row seats to Ghost Stories, purported to be the scariest theatre experience.  They weren’t lying, and the fact that they have a Scare Cam capturing people’s shrieks says it all.  From the moment you step in the front door of the theatre, you’re greeted with a creepy soundtrack of drips and scratching noises that sets the scene even before you enter the small theatre.  I have never been so scared and yet entertained.

I absolutely refuse to divulge even a smidge of the plot… not knowing what you’re getting into is part of the fun.  We both had a blast and enjoyed the thrilling, mind bending trip that was Ghost Stories.  You just have to experience it!


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