TILT – 24 April 2014

Whoo… what a week.  Despite being off work for half of this week it sure feels like it’s dragging on.  Maybe because I’m working on Saturday?  Probably.  Anyhow, what do I love this week?

  • The gym.  I know, right?  What’s THAT about??  Well, I’ve been out of my routine since… ohhhhhh, the Fuerteventura holiday two summers ago.  No threat of a bikini = lazy me.  I’ve had a few false starts but N and I both used our 6-day-weekend to jumpstart ourselves back into a routine.  And you know what?  Less than week in I already feel a bit better.  Tired, but better.  Coupled with being back on MyFitnessPal, I feel ok about everything.
  • Nights out with friends… that don’t end in silly drunkeness.  On Monday N and I went out with H and P to see Adam Buxton live.  Yes, there were drinks before and after but there was also food and (gasp) sensibility.  None of us ended up drunk or ridiculous and I didn’t spend my last day off recovering with a hangover.  I think I might be getting old.
  • Good books.  I just finished Sarah Lotz’s The Three on Tuesday and it was a corker.  The review will be up over on Judging Covers soon!  Straight after I started Danny Wallace’s forthcoming Who is Tom Ditto? and it’s another solid read.  I can’t wait to finish it, but in a good way!

Tell me what you’re all about this week, peeps!


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