Steph throws… a dinner party (a CGG writing prompt)

Throughout September, many of my posts will center around a topic from the Curvy Girl Guide Community’s monthly list of writing prompts.  This month, Brittany’s list is themed around fall and ‘back to school.’  I’m really looking forward to sharing some more personal/wacky/meaningful thoughts with everyone as well as meeting new bloggers through this.  If you’d like to take part, you can find the full list of writing prompts here.   

The prompt I’ve chosen for today is:  You are having a dinner party.  Which famous 10 people would be on your guest list?

I love this question!  I’m going to assume the guests are all living (because zombie guests would be slightly macabre and possibly terrifying) which makes it slightly trickier for me!

  1. Jennifer Lawrence – I know, I know… but J-Law is my Kentucky home gal! I kind of feel like she’d add a bit of (un)classiness which would be refreshing and hilarious.  Plus, she seems like she’d be the last one standing after the booze runs out.
  2. Beyoncé – Again… I know.  But Bey is so damn fierce that you can’t help but admire her… even if I’m not necessarily a fan of most of her music.
  3. David Beckham – But only if he arrives in his underpants, a la the H&M commercial.  Every party needs some eye candy.
  4. Jesse Tyler Ferguson – He plays Mitchell on Modern Family and I absolutely adore him.
  5. Ty Burrell – Also on Modern Family (Phil)… love him too.  I can totally see me and N becoming Phil and Claire one day.
  6. Jamie Oliver – He’s so dang cute, plus he could cook the meal!  He strikes me as being able to kick back with a beer and have a laugh.
  7. Lindsay Lohan – I questioned this choice myself but really… Having LL at a dinner party could make or break it.  I’d like to think she’d be nothing short of interesting.
  8. Kerry Washington – Washington stars as Olivia Pope in TV’s Scandal and I don’t mind telling you that I have a total girl crush on her.  She’s gorgeous and outside of TV she’s also a brilliant role model.
  9. Britney Spears – Yep… I went there.  I can’t help but think that she probably doesn’t get invited ’round to dinner parties much… plus like Lindsay Lohan I’d like to think she’d keep things mega-interesting/shocking.
  10. Peter Dinklage – If you don’t know him, he plays Tywin Lannister (the imp) on Game of Thrones (are you living under a rock???).  Who wouldn’t want Dinklage at a party, I ask you?!

Wow… looking back that’s quite an interesting mix of guests!

Menu-wise, I’d probably go barbeque-chique on this… with beers and iced tea, of course.

If you could invite ten celebs around to yours for a dinner party, who would you pick?

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One thought on “Steph throws… a dinner party (a CGG writing prompt)

  1. I’m kind of TV deprived, so I actually don’t know who the TV show actors are. But it sounds like an awesome mix of people. Nothing like throwing Lindsay Lohan into the mix to see what happens 🙂 Sounds like a good time.

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