My comfort zone

This post is based on a prompt from the Curvy Girl Guide September prompt list.  If you’d like to take part, you can find the full list of writing prompts here.   

Today’s prompt is:  Comfort food feeds the soul.  But what is your beauty equivalent of comfort food?  From your favorite sweater to your must-have lip gloss, what items make you feel full and happy?

I’m a cozy type person and I love to snuggle up with a good book more than anything.  So as I’m sure you can imagine, much of my favorite comfort items revolve around reading and cuddling.  My top five comfort items are:

  • My quilt.  I bugged my Memom for years to make me a quilt and finally, right before I went away to college, I got one!  My quilt is very special to me–red and white on one side and blue and white on the other.  There’s a secret to my quilt that, unless you’re looking for it, you wouldn’t spot in a million years.  On some of the white panels, using white thread to blend in, she’s stitched in little images of things that make me, me.  Like an ant.  My initials.  You get the idea.
  • My Kindle.  It sounds superficial and consumerist, but I couldn’t live without my Kindle.  I read all the time and I go through books like I go through underwear.  It’s nice not having to lug multiple books around with me or break my wrists while holding up one of the Game of Thrones books.  It’s easy to use and even has a built in light for sneaky nighttime reading.
  • My mug.  It’s got my name on it, and it makes no excuses and tells it like it really is.


  • My Victoria’s Secret boyfriend pajama bottoms.  Those bad boys are so roomy and comfortable–I could probably fit two of me in there and still have room to dance around like a maniac.  I almost get lost in them.  Despite their being from Victoria’s Secret, they’re one of the un-sexiest items of clothing I own… and I love them.
  • My husband.  Ultimately, he’s by far my biggest comfort item.  He knows when I need a foot rub or a bar of chocolate.  He knows when to cover me up with my quilt as I’m drifting off on the couch.  He knows when to cuddle me and when to leave me alone.  I don’t know how he does it, but I love him for it.  (Cue horrible, retching, barfing noises)


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