October 2014 Book Wrap Up

Ok… full disclosure.  I’ve lost steam on the reading front lately.  I gave up on more books than I actually read this month–a complete first for me.  I’ve been reading really slowly, going days without picking up a book and just generally not feeling like reading.


I suppose it’s a combination of factors.  I’ve not been well for the last six weeks and part of that has manifested itself as severe nausea and dizziness and, I’ll be honest, there were days I couldn’t read because the words were just swimming and it made me feel worse.  Being sick that long also had mental effects and I got a bit down in the dumps there for a while.  There were days where I couldn’t do simple things like bending over to pick something up without wanting to die a little bit.  So when I’ve been on the bus to/from work, my concentration has gone mostly into trying not to vomit or fall over.

Thank goodness for podcasts.

Since I haven’t been reading, I’ve been indulging in some amazing podcasts… they’re works of storytelling art, really… and having that option of a passive activity such as sitting back and listening to something really took my mind off of being sick.  I’ve discovered some great shows and talent–so much so that I’ll be posting about my favorite podcasts next week.

Anyway, to finish off, I’ve finally found out what the problem is with my gut… it’s twofold, really.  I’ve got a bacterial infection caused by food poisoning (and specifically linked to undercooked poultry… I have a strong hunch I know which sandwich chain’s soup caused the illness) and I have a parasite.  When I found out, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I thought I’d be freaked out, but I’m not.  Turns out I have some amoeba sponging off of me.  Yum.  Anyway, I have antibiotics to sort the infection and an anti-parasite drug that will basically nuke anything in my stomach (and probably will make me feel sick as well… because, you know, I’m not already).

Aren’t you glad you asked?

On to this month’s less than stellar book wrap up.October BooksBooks Read:  4 (yeah, I know)

Books Abandoned:  5

Currently Reading: 1

So there you have it.  A slightly pitiful month of reading but it is what it is.  I suspect the rest of the year may be slow going as my current read is just over 500 pages and after another book or two I’ll be tackling the fifth book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series as well as Vikram Seth’s mammoth novel A Suitable Boy.  Both are well over 1,000 pages each, so will keep me occupied.

That’s if I can lay off the podcasts long enough.  More about that next week.

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2 thoughts on “October 2014 Book Wrap Up

  1. So sorry you’ve been unwell – hope the meds will knock it on the head. Dizziness/nausea is awful! I’ve suffered vertigo in the past and it’s really nasty. Looking forward to hearing about the podcasts. Take care. 🙂

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