November 2015 Book Wrap Up

You know that moment when you try to log on to a website you haven’t been on in a while and realize you don’t remember your password anymore?  Yeah.  That just happened when I tried to log on to WordPress.  I actually forgot my password and had to reset it.

I’ve been neglecting you.

I’m sorry.

I wish I could say that I’ve been doing mega important/interesting/life altering things like finding the job of my dreams (or just one that I like) or working on a writing project or travelling the world (well, I DID just spend two weeks at home for Thanksgiving), but I’ve done nothing.  Honestly.  There’s been so little to write about and I’d sort of focused my energy on getting better (bacterial infections and parasites, but you don’t wanna know about that) that I just sort of went to radio silence.


Book wrap up for this month is pretty light.  While I wasn’t writing/blogging/being productive I also wasn’t reading much either.

Nov books

Books Completed: 3 (I know, right??)

  • The Martian – Andy Weir
  • All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr  (My Waterstones Sleepover choice)
  • The Girl with All the Gifts – M.R. Cary

Books Abandoned: 0

Books in Progress: 1

  • A Suitable Boy – Vikram Seth (this will probably be the only other book I read this year as it’s massive)

Out of the many (ha ha) books I’ve read this month, I seriously enjoyed All the Light We Cannot See the most.  The Martian was a very close second and I’d highly recommend either book to just about anyone!  Sadly, The Girl with All the Gifts just didn’t live up to the hype for me.

I haven’t done a review book in a while and I won’t lie… it’s been brilliant.  No pressure, no stress, no trying to find something good to say about a book that’s less than entertaining.  That being said, I’ll be back on the reviews over at Judging Covers in the new year.  I’m going to be a lot more selective in what I choose to review and will aim for one a month, possibly more if I feel like it.  I’ve had a few come my way already that have aroused my interest so keep a look out for those from January onward.

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