Top Five Books of 2014

I’m hopping on the book blogging bandwagon and weighing in on my favorite books of 2014.  It was a tough crowd this year, but I sorted through the massive amount of books I consumed (devoured?) this year and narrowed it down to just five.  In no particular order:
1. The Book of You – Claire Kendal – I’m pretty sure this was the only book I read in less than 24 hours this year. I started the first pages in Borough Market and was hooked. A very impressive, smart thriller. Much better than Gone Girl.

17225311[1]2.  Tampa – Alissa NuttingTampa earns the title of Marmite a Book of the Year… It’s one you either love or loathe and it caused quite a stir earlier in the year. If you like your books controversial with a side of ickiness, this one will appeal.

18623494[1]3.  The Dead Wife’s Handbook – Hannah Beckerman – This book was so lovely… It had me in tears off and on throughout and really made me count my blessings. Very strong writing and characters you honestly care about.

20902074[1]4.  The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me – Lucy Robinson – It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Lucy’s writing but her most recent offering had a different feel to her other books. Unfinished Symphony was a bit more serious, less slapstick but without losing any (brilliant) humour. I can’t wait to read her next book, The Day We Disappeared, due out in April.

18143977[1]5.  All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr – This book is a bit special for me for a few reasons. It was the first book I read after being ill for quite a while and I was desperate for something life changing and reaffirming to read. It was also the book that won me a spot at the Waterstones Sleepover. Beyond all of that, Doerr’s novel was amazing in scope and left me breathless and sad to say goodbye at the end.

So what are your favourite books from this year?

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