I jiggle, therefore I am

Just before bed the other night, the most amazing commercial came on. N and I watched it, jaws on the floor. After it was over we just looked at each other and asked “What was that??!!”

After a bit of googling the next morning, I found out this brilliant advert was part of a new campaign by Sport England to get women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds into sports and various activities like zumba.

This Girl Can isn’t necessarily centred around getting women off the couch and into the gym… it’s all about empowerment and saying that no matter whether you’re a size 2 or 20 you should feel ok about shaking what yo momma gave you or kicking the hell out of some balls without worrying about being judged.

As someone with serious self esteem issues that have kept me from the gym and classes on many occasions, I’m all about that.

And how about that song choice, eh? Stuck in my head all day today!

What do you think of the commercial?


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